Professor at the UHU, president of the Automatics Committee

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the teacher of the ETSI José Manuel Andújar, Professor of Systems Engineering and Automation and director of the Center for Research in Technology, Energy and Sustainability (CITES) of the University of Huelvahas been named President of the Spanish Automation Committee (CEA) by acclamation, one of the most important scientific-technological societies in Spain, with strong interweaving and international consideration.

As Andújar himself has pointed out, who also directs the Master’s Degree in Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS), Automation is a transversal science, which brings together, among others, intelligent control, control engineering, robotics, vision artificial, modeling, simulation and optimization or bioengineering. Therefore, Automatica is applied in industrial and service sectors such as automotive, naval, submarine, aerospace and energy.

Other important sectors that also benefit from Automatica applications are agri-food, construction, mining and financial services. In the same way, it is applied in the sectors of intelligent transport, logistics, infrastructure maintenance and inspection, and security. Of special relevance is also the application of Automation in the health sector, supporting biomedical research, robotic production of medicines, assistance to people with special needs and personalized rehabilitation.

The Spanish Automatic Control Committee is organized in a three-dimensional structure in which the core of the activities is carried out among its 9 thematic groups: ‘Marine Automatic Control’, ‘Bioengineering’, ‘Intelligent Control’, ‘Automatic Education’, ‘Engineering of control’, ‘Modeling, simulation and optimization’, ‘Robotics’, ‘Computers and control’ and ‘Computer vision’; its 3 strategic lines are: ‘Artificial intelligence’, ‘Industry 4.0’ and ‘Woman in automatic’; and its 4 challenges for society are: ‘Industrial Digitization’, ‘Health and well-being’, ‘Ecological Transition’ and ‘Sustainable Transport’.

President of association with 50 research centers

CEA brings together 50 research centers (universities, CSIC, Tecnalia, etc.) and has very intense activity, organizing 9 symposiums, 1 international congress, specialization schools, monthly webminars, doctoral seminars, conferences on projects each year. national, CDTI and European, conferences with companies, international activities with the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC), etc. In addition, its official organ is the only Automática journal that, written exclusively in Spanish, is indexed in the most important international database in the field of research, such as the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). This is the Ibero-American Journal of Automation and Industrial Computing (RIAI), which also has the seal of quality of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT).

In its long history, which begins in 1967, CEA has had 6 presidents, and now it is the first time that a researcher from an Andalusian center holds the presidency. In his speech, after his appointment, Professor Andújar based his program for his mandate on honor, responsibility, work and illusion.

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