Plenary also in the rejones

diego venturaAndres Romero and Francisco Velasquez They have given a great afternoon of bullfighting and have gone out on their shoulders through the Puerta Grande this Sunday in the rejones celebration of the Columbian Fair. Ventura cut off both ears of his second bull, Andrés Romero cut three, two of them to a hat that he gave away, and the Portuguese Velásquez obtained one from each of his bulls. The forcados amadores from Alcochete also performed successfully.


bulls were fought Joseph Louis Pereda, well presented and collaborators. In seventh place, a La Galana hat was fought, which gave game.

diego venturaovation and two ears.
Andrew Romeroear, return upon request and two ears on the gift hat.
Francis Velasquezear and ear.

More than three quarters of occupancy.


The afternoon began with the alternative of the Portuguese bullfighter Francisco Velásquez, who tempered Pereda’s first bull well from the start. He gave him two rejones as punishment riding Vasquiño. In banderillas he began with Volapié nailing good sticks and tempering a bull that was a good collaborator in gallops from the side. With Duel he nailed it from the front and finished it off with a nice short two-handed pair. He killed with a jab and a spear and cut off an ear.

Francisco Velásquez saw them in sixth place with a bull with a lot of rennet which he stopped again with Vasquiño, making a third of banderillas intoning with Volapié. He raised the tone with Ritz, with which he nailed two good sticks. He killed on the first try and cut off an ear.

Diego Ventura received the second at the gate of pigsties with the pole and spectacularly made a bull jealous that charged with many feet. In banderillas he started with Fabuloso breaking very well and adorning himself with pirouettes in the face. Good were the raids with Velásquez, with whom he put two sticks. He finished the job with Guadiana nailing short shots and killing almost the entire rejón. He had to be crazy and was applauded after a slight request.

Ventura received the fourth in front of pigsties nailing a rejón of punishment from power to power. He put another one and in banderillas he showed off in two jogs with Fino. The summit of the task would come with Nazarí, with whom he really nailed and adorned himself with exciting sideways gallops. A short carousel with Guadiana preceded the performance of the forcados of Alcochete, who made a hit. Ventura killed on the second try and cut off two ears.

Andrés Romero stopped his first bull with the Marseille and nailed two punishing rejones with Golondrina. In banderillas he was employed with Meridio with a somewhat distracted bull that lacked zeal. He put two clubs with that horse and two more at a good level with Guajiro, with whom he reached the best moments of the task. He concluded with cuts on Shaman and killed with a rejón and pithing. Ear.

Andrés Romero received the fifth with Copito, leaving two rejones of punishment. His performance with Fuente Rey was very good, with which he nailed three good banderillas. An excellent pair on the break over Farrugia completed a great triumph that he did not materialize due to the fatal rejón and the president’s refusal to heed the ear request. The forcados of Alcochete acted in this bull making a great hit.

Andrés Romero surprised everyone by giving away the hat, an iron bull from La Galana to which he made a real mess with Fuente Rey nailing with great adjustment and emotion and with Farrugia, with whom he broke spectacularly. Work again with great emotion that this time it was awarded with both ears.

Colombinas 2022: Plenary also in the rejones

(Photo: Arjona)

Colombinas 2022: Plenary also in the rejones

(Photo: Arjona)

Colombinas 2022: Plenary also in the rejones

(Photo: Arjona)

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