Palos renews its commitment to Asprodesordos

The Municipality of Palos de la Frontera renews, one more year, the Collaboration agreement with the Huelva Association Asprodesordos. On Wednesday morning, the mayor of Palos, Carmelo Romero, traveled to Huelva to hold a meeting with the association’s manager and psychologist, Belén Segura. A meeting that has served to learn about the operation of this entity and sign the collaboration agreement.

The Asprodesordos Association is a non-profit organization whose scope of action is Huelva and its province. Its primary objective is to represent and manage the demands and needs of people with hearing disabilities and their families.

These include helping the hearing impaired and their families, fostering professional training and access to employment for deaf people, and promoting early diagnosis and treatment of deafness.

The manager of the Association, Belén Segura, Alonso Rubio, was very grateful for this help provided by the Palos de la Frontera City Council. A support that will allow them to continue offering their services to the residents of Palos and the entire province.

For his part, Carmelo Romero, mayor of Palos de la Frontera, highlighted the need to support this time of entities. “They do a very remarkable job that improves the quality of life of many people, including their families,” added the mayor.

The City Council of Palos de la Frontera commits with the signing of the agreement, to collaborate financially with the annual amount of six thousand euros. These will go to defray 50% of the total cost of the different workshops given to three citizens of Palos and offer information and advice to the residents of Palermo.

All those residents of Palos de la Frontera who need this help can contact the Association or go to the local Social Services, located on calle Santa María transversal without number.

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