Pacma denounces a pit full of mutilated animals in Huelva

The Animalist Party Against Animal Abuse (pacma) has denounced the celebration of alleged dog fighting in an isolated area of Huelva located between H-30 and Estero del Rincón. “We received the notice during the month of April, and we have presented Dantesque images of the finds in the area. Decapitated equines, mutilated or partially devoured animals, as well as multiple bone remains, among living dogs with injuries and visible poor health, “they explain from Pacma.

As indicated by the political formation in a press release, the legal team determines that the visual content received by the citizens who transferred the notice are possibly constitutive of a crime within the criminal type, particularly of article 337 of animal abuse and 325 against the environment.

Thus, numerous skeletal remains could be seen in the area which, according to Pacma Dulce Aguilera’s lawyer, “could be compatible with various types of violence against animals and the performance of prohibited practices, including dog fighting, which They are totally illegal in Spain.

Pacma complaint

For all these reasons, from the animalist party they have filed a complaint with the Huelva Investigating Court with transfer to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, “in order to open the investigation process and purge the corresponding criminal and civil responsibilities. After the opening of preliminary proceedings, we will appear as a popular accusation in the case, “they assert.

The events occur just a few weeks after the demonstration against dogfighting in Tenerife “for fair convictions”, which took place on the occasion of the “very poor agreements” reached between the accused and the Prosecutor’s Office after recognizing the organization of these illegal events in various Spanish cities.

Pacma denounces a pit full of mutilated animals in Huelva

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