Opening speech by Laura Sánchez for the Tapas Fair in Huelva

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The renowned model, actress and businesswoman from Huelva, Laura Sánchez, has once again managed to focus all the spotlight on Huelva, on this occasion with a “tasty and enlightened” proclamation with which he has activated the countdown to the Tapas Fair, which after the pandemic, returns to the Plaza de Las Monjas from September 29 to October 2. The mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, took the opportunity to thank the woman from Huelva “for her permanent willingness to promote Huelva, which has made her one of our icons for tourism”.

How could it be otherwise, the revered light of Huelva that Laura Sánchez boasts about every time she is asked about her land, as well as the flavors and excellences of Huelva, have served as a common thread to present an edition that the city looks forward to and illusion.

Undoubtedly, as the mayor has said, “it is one of the most charismatic events on the Huelva calendar, due to the great support of the citizens, but also because it is an important attraction to get to know and enjoy our city in these first autumn days, because our gastronomy is one of the best reasons that justifies a visit to Huelva”.

This is how he defined “an event that brings together many of the values ​​of the capital of Huelva, such as its excellent gastronomy, a pleasant climate, the cheerful atmosphere of its streets and the hospitality of its people”.

In recent years from the City Council, Gabriel Cruz has stressed, “we have spared no effort in supporting the hospitality sector, crucial in our local economy, and in promoting Huelva gastronomy in a general way and with different actions, with the purpose of turning it into a one of the main engines of our development and one of the most relevant claims to activate tourism”.

Bareca’s work in favor of the Tapas Fair

For this reason, he recognized and thanked “the good work and enthusiasm that the Provincial Association of Bars, Restaurants and Cafeterias of Huelva (BARECA) has been putting into organizing this event and defending and promoting a sector that is hard punished these years”.

An acknowledgment to which Huelva has been asked to join, encouraging them to enjoy the Huelva Tapas Fair, inviting all those who plan to visit the capital during these days to discover the culture of ‘tapas’, “a lifestyle that unites food, our excellent products and the best cuisine, with coexistence, a good atmosphere and the enjoyment of our city”.

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