‘Objetivo Huelva Impecable’ campaign to improve cleanliness

the mayor of HuelvaGabriel Cruz, and the regional director of PreZero Spain in Andalusia and Extremadura, Pablo Caballero, presented this Wednesday ‘Impeccable Huelva Objective’ a converted campaign, as the first mayor has assured “in a declaration of intent, because after the efforts and investments made in recent years, our objective can be no other than to achieve excellence in the provision of a fundamental service to guarantee the quality of life and the good image of the city”.

Cruz has insisted that “cleanliness is, without a doubt, the best letter of introduction of a city. And not only, so that the external perception is positive, but for the quality of life of the citizens themselves because it is not only an aesthetic need but also a hygienic and environmental protection one that also shows our love and pride for the city in which we live. ”.

For this reason, and although “the only person responsible for cleaning a city is the City Council, its maintenance depends on each and every one of us acting with respect and civility” he said when presenting a campaign in which he is committed to raising awareness and good citizen practices to continue improving cleanliness.

“Cleaning the city has us obsessed, and we are especially concerned about what we have made continuous efforts in recent years to strengthen and extend the current contract for the provision of cleaning services in the city”, the mayor acknowledged.

Cruz also recalled that “we launched the Action Plan to Improve Cleaning in the city, which involved, among other things, a 10% increase in the waste collection and street cleaning staff at the end of 2020 and the 15% of the workforce in Parks and Gardens last summer 2021; we have expanded the staff, reinforced the machinery with four new vehicles and more means for manual tasks and changed the protocols, taking advantage of the entry of PreZero Spain, because we are aware that it is a task that the City Council has to guarantee, although it is It is true that without the involvement of citizens, it will be difficult for us to maintain the levels of cleanliness to which we aspire”.

And the objective is none other than an ‘Impeccable Huelva’, as the motto of a campaign in which urban furniture will serve as a support to ask for the involvement of residents. A media and outdoor campaign, which will form part of the image of our city. For this reason, it has been presented today in the Parque de La Luz, in the street, so that together we can build a sustainable, friendly, enjoyable and also clean Huelva, as a primary requirement to make Huelva a pleasant environment in which to love to live.

The presentation was attended, in addition to Esther Cumbreras, Councilor for Urban Habitat and Infrastructure, by other representatives of the Government team, as well as managers and employees of PreZero Spain, as well as neighborhood representatives, from the Huelva hospitality and trade, and the media. .

For his part, Pablo Caballero stressed the need to promote public-private collaboration “to develop new projects aligned with the principles of the circular economy, starting with keeping the city of Huelva clean”. In this sense, he stressed that “at PreZero Spain we are delighted to be able to collaborate with the Huelva City Council, with which we have established ourselves as a reference partner”, while “we want to involve the public, whose collaboration is essential for achieve the objective that we set ourselves with this awareness campaign: an impeccable Huelva”.

The ‘Impeccable Huelva Objective’ campaign

The messages of the campaign will revolve around the idea of ​​people involved with an impeccable neighborhood for an impeccable city, focusing the messages on the involvement of the neighbors to advance in three very specific objectives; the correct use of litter bins, the collection of dog droppings and the deposit of bulky items on public roads. Messages that will be transmitted with simple stroke images and simple, intelligent and fun slogans.

A campaign that is developed with advertising media such as street furniture, digital screens or buses and with a presence in the media and on social networks, to focus in this first phase on these three environmental problems that can be solved with changes in the daily actions, but when integrated into our streets, it was born with the vocation to stay and grow to make continuous appeals following this line of communication according to the needs of the moment.

'Objetivo Huelva Impecable', a campaign to improve the cleanliness of the city

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