Nine detainees with nearly 2,000 kilos of hashish in Isla Cristina

The Civil Guard has proceeded to arrest of nine people as alleged perpetrators of a drug trafficking crime after being surprised with nearly 2,000 kilos of hashish on Christina Island.

The events occurred in the early hours of April 29, when a Citizen Security patrol that provided a crime prevention service in Isla Cristina detected a suspicious movement of people in the local fish market.

Once inside, several people fled from inside and from a van that was parked towards a fishing vessel that was docked in the port. Once inside it, when inspected, a large number of hashish bales were found in the cellar. Some bundles were also found inside the van.

At that time, a man was arrested. Likewise, after investigations were carried out, in subsequent days eight more people were arrested, not ruling out future arrests.

About 2,000 kilos of hashish seized

In total, 65 bales of hashish have been seized, weighing 1,950 kilos, the fishing vessel, the van, as well as various documentation and tools and electronic devices related to the events.

The operation has been carried out by Citizen Security patrols of the Isla Cristina Civil Guard and by the Fiscal patrol of the Ayamonte Company.

The detainees and the proceedings carried out have been made available to the Ayamonte Guard Court of Instruction.

Nine detainees with nearly 2,000 kilos of hashish in Isla Cristina

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