[NEWS] British cooking show accused of mocking Mexican culture

The creators and hosts of the popular British cooking show The Great British Baking Show have been criticized on social networks for discriminating against Mexican culture and ignorance of traditions during the “Mexican Week” announced in the program. This is reported by the Eat This Not That portal .

During the broadcast, hosts Matt Lucas and Noah Fielding, dressed in bright sombreros, in particular, stated that the dishes prepared by the participants look Mexican because they turned out to be “colorful”. In addition, they made mistakes in the names of dishes, made racist jokes, and host Noah Fielding asked the question “ Is Mexico a real place?”

All this caused outrage on Twitter.

“Mexican Week” at The Great British Bake Off was a disgusting demonstration of crimes against humanity”, “As a Brit, I can say that “Mexican Week” at The Great British Bake Off is actually the perfect master class for the uninitiated in a very specific view of British everyday racism,” wrote Twitter users.

Many added that this particular episode is not the first time that the show has shown ignorance and arrogance towards the culinary traditions of the peoples of the world.

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