New step in the renewal of the Zafra Huelva

The Board of Directors of Adif has approved this week the tender for the works of two new interventions of the line Zafra-Huelvaspecifically those of the Jabugo-Calañas section and in the surroundings of the Calañas station.

As indicated by the Government Subdelegation in a press release, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma), through Adif, plans to carry out the comprehensive renovation of the infrastructure and the track in the section between the stations of Jabugo and Calañas, on the Zafra-Huelva conventional gauge line, with a global budget of 74,304,268.5 euros.

The general objective of the renovation project is to improve the performance of the line, adapting the superstructure – made up of all the elements that make up the track: rail, ballast and sleepers – and infrastructure, which allows higher speeds to be achieved and optimization of trip. These actions will contribute significantly to the improvement of communications between the neighboring towns of Jabugo and Calañas.

The actions will focus, on the one hand, on a 32.9-kilometre stretch between kilometer point 96/430 and the Calañas station. In this case, the works are tendered for 54,911,926.9 euros and the execution period is 12 months and 15 days.

Likewise, a second section of 9.4 kilometers will be renewed around the Jabugo station, specifically from kilometer point 87/013 to 96/430. The tender amount rises to 19,392,341.64 euros and the execution period is nine months.

Thus, the assembly of a new track made up of PR-VE sleepers and a 60 kg E1 rail on the general track and a 54 kg E1 rail on section tracks will be carried out, the improvement of the longitudinal drainage network and transversal drainage, the improvement of the infrastructure, contemplating actions to protect slopes from clearings and embankments and treatment of trench sections, to prevent landslides.

Also the construction of ballast guard walls and gutter walls where necessary, the conditioning of existing level crossings with the removal of the current planking and its replacement by a new one or by rubber pavement and actions in tunnels.

The second project foresees a similar action at the Valdelamusa station, where the rationalization of the tracks and the demolition of the central platform will also be carried out.

Added to these new investments are the renovation works on the Zafra-Huelva conventional gauge line, in three sections located in the province of Huelva: Calañas-Peguerillas, Valdelamusa-Huelva and Peguerillas-Huelva, totaling nearly 48 kilometers of length, not including the new tender, the planned works, including the value of the materials to be used in the renovation works – replacement of the rail, sleeper and ballast – already add up to more than 71 million euros.

The sub-delegate of the Government in Huelva, Manuela Parralo, highlighted “the Government’s firm commitment to a fundamental infrastructure that encompasses all sectors of the province and has a direct impact on our economy and citizens, also having a decisive strategic value for the social and economic backbone of the province.

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