National award for a doctor from the Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital

A resident physician Juan Ramon Jimenez Hospital has won first prize in a national competition for lung cancer clinical cases. Laura Fernández has been awarded for an exceptional approach of which there are hardly any publications worldwide.

The winner is a resident medical oncology intern at the University Hospital Juan Ramón Jiménez and has received the first prize in the national contest for clinical cases, organized by the association for lung cancer research in women (ICAPEM).

The award-winning work shows the unique approach of a kidney transplant patient, with immunosuppressive treatment, who is later diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. The patient has been treated with immunotherapy with an excellent response and improvement in her quality of life.

National award

The prize has been awarded at the ICAPEM national conferences, of an innovative nature, aimed at resident doctors and young assistants with the aim of discussing the diagnosis and evolution of lung cancer treatment with different experts, especially, of the controversies , which represent a challenge in the training of these specialists.

The court has valued the exceptionality of this approach and the good results with the treatment, given the low representation of this type of patient in the investigation, with barely a dozen people transplanted with documented immunotherapy.

The estimation of the risk-benefit with the patient before starting treatment, exhaustively analyzing the options, has been of great importance, since there was a risk of transplant rejection of up to 40 percent.

The factors that supported the final therapeutic decision in favor of cancer immunotherapy were, on the one hand, the safety offered by close follow-up by the Nephrology service and, on the other, having a high percentage of PDL-1 (considered a possible predictive factor of response), which offers high expectations of clinical benefit and survival from the oncological point of view.

Although in kidney transplant patients diagnosed with some type of tumor, the efficacy of cancer therapies may be less effective than in the general population (due to a suppression of their immune system), optimal results were obtained in this patient, prolonging survival.

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