Motions of the opposition in Huelva approved in the May plenary session

These are the motions presented by the opposition groups that have been approved in the full municipality that has celebrated Huelva City Hall:

With the support of all the groups and the abstention of VOX, the PP’s motion for the Huelva City Council to present a report to the Plenary on the degree of compliance with the contracting commitments made in the presentation of the ERACIS Plan since its inception has prospered; as well as a report on the evaluation and control of this program; and, among other measures, the necessary amounts of both staff and expenses for this program are recorded in the municipal budgets for 2022. In addition, an amendment by the Socialist Municipal Group has been incorporated into this motion to urge the Andalusian Government to extend the project to the City Council until the work carried out by the different social entities involved in it is completed.

All the groups except the unassigned mayor Jesús Amador, who has abstained, have backed the PP’s proposal for the City Council to act in the case of illegal occupation of houses on Tharsis Street, forcing compliance and respect of the municipal ordinances in security, buildings, noise, environment and fire measures. Among other initiatives, it has been agreed that the mayor convene the local Security Board to deal with the problem of illegal occupation in the city, as well as draw up a crime prevention plan with special attention to illegal occupation.

The Citizens’ motion has unanimously gone ahead, accepting a VOX amendment, for the City Council to request the Accessibility Commission that emanates from the Local Council of Personal Autonomy, the results of the state of needs of the Playgrounds in relation to accessibility , in order to incorporate them into the PGOU and the city’s Accessibility Plan.

Thus, it has also been agreed that the Consistory prepare a study of the needs of playgrounds in relation to fountains and awnings that help combat the heat; a plan for the removal of sand floors is carried out in the playgrounds that still have it; and the construction of the playgrounds already projected is streamlined and the creation of new ones is studied in the areas that require it.

Unanimously, he has seen the initiative of United We Can for Huelva go free so that the Huelva City Council, in the new Local Youth Plan that is beginning with its diagnosis, contemplates the creation of the Comprehensive Office for Huelva Youth. A VOX amendment has been accepted to also contemplate, in said plan, the reinforcement and endowment of the Casa de la Juventud ‘La Ruta’.

Proposal of United We Can for Huelva

The proposal of United We Can for Huelva has been approved in order to study from the City Council the advisability of carrying out the accompaniment in the archaeological activities that must be carried out in the pedestrian works of the Plaza de San Pedro aimed at recognizing the possible layout of the wall of Huelva, so that if it is feasible, the adequate integration of said remains is carried out in the square resulting from said action and thus value in a dignified way such an important element of the history of the city.

With regard to this proposal, a socialist transactional amendment has been accepted so that the Huelva City Council, in the event that the competent authorities in matters of heritage protection decide that it is compulsory to integrate the archaeological remains found, undertake this taking into account the generality of the archaeological complex to favor a coherent and comprehensive interpretation of the entire environment of Plaza San Pedro.

Unanimously, the VOX motion has been given the green light so that the Consistory, given the imminence of summer and its consequent increase in traffic, frequency of traffic jams and accidents on the Odiel Bridge, as well as for negatively affecting the image tourism offered by our city, urge the Andalusian Government -both the outgoing and the incoming one resulting from the upcoming elections on June 19- to study urgent measures to improve said bridge.

Likewise, the VOX initiative has been unanimously approved, accepting the amendment of United We Can Huelva, so that the Accessibility Commission that emanates from the Local Council of Personal Autonomy, carry out the study on the incorporation of benches for people with motor disabilities, with use of a wheelchair for their mobility, within the urban architecture that makes up our squares, parks and neighborhoods. It has also been agreed that the results of said study form part of the Accessibility Plan of the City of Huelva and the PGOU.

The non-attached councilor Néstor Santos has received the support of the corporation, except from Ciudadanos, who has abstained, for a motion that, incorporating an amendment from United We Can for Huelva, advocates that the aforementioned Accessibility Commission make known the progress on the pertinent adaptations to these non-inclusive spaces and to advise with the aim of complying with current regulations, on the creation of functional and multipurpose services that serve to improve barrier-free access, also being included in the Accessibility Plan of the city of Huelva and in the PGOU.

Finally, despite the refusal of the PP and the abstention of Ciudadanos and VOX, the motion of the non-attached councilor Jesús Amador by which the City Council declares its support for public and quality education has been approved; will urge the new Government of the Junta de Andalucía not to lose one more line in Huelva’s educational centers and to lower the ratio in cases of drop in population and therefore in demand.

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