More than 200 tuned cars ‘invade’ Isla Cristina

More than 200 tuned cars ‘invade’ Isla Cristina during this past weekend, concentrating on the ‘El Carmen’ Fairs and Exhibitions Enclosure, which was once again the venue chosen to celebrate the long-awaited car event under the title of «Onuba Stance Works. Vol 2″.

Organized by the Onuba Stance Works Club and the City Council of the coastal town, through the Municipal Youth and Sports Delegations, the exhibition-concentration attracted a large audience to the venue who wanted to enjoy the models of the two hundred vehicles exhibited, some of them true jewels.

Tuned cars 'invade' Isla Cristina Tuned cars 'invade' Isla Cristina Tuned cars 'invade' Isla Cristina Tuned cars 'invade' Isla Cristina Tuned cars 'invade' Isla Cristina Tuned cars 'invade' Isla Cristina

Isla Cristina hosted the Stance Onuba Woks 5 Isla Cristina hosted the Stance Onuba Woks 6 Isla Cristina hosted the Stance Onuba Woks 7 Tuned cars 'invade' Isla Cristina

Support from the City Council for the sample of tuned cars

The exhibition was attended by the island’s mayor, Jenaro Orta, accompanied by the Councilor for Youth and Sports, Antonio Peña, who together with the organizers, who thanked the City Council “for its collaboration and predisposition towards the event that arrives for the second consecutive year with important improvements and with more success than the last edition”, they were waiting for everything to go according to plan.

In this sense, the authorities were very satisfied with, how they highlighted «’the excellent organization, for the second consecutive year, of an event of these characteristics, which attracts so much public, among participants and fans of the motor world and tuned cars. » once again congratulating the organization for, as Antonio Peña said, «the excellent work they do not only with the organization of these events, but throughout the year, attracting more and more people and more clubs to the world of tuned cars, making it possible this excellent turnout.”

The mayor, Jenaro Orta stressed that “Isla Cristina is more than ready to host events of this category, especially when everything necessary for it comes together, such as the facilities, the work of the different municipal delegations, the commitment of the City Council and of course the commitment of the organizing club with so many professionals” highlighting that “for the City Council it is essential to offer complementary activities to the offer of sun and beach.”

Orta also highlighted “the quality and level of the vehicles on display” and made it clear that “this type of event has a double aspect, support for the organizers and promotion of the area, with which we must always support and bet on local and provincial, regional and national events.»

Likewise, they thanked the Club “for one more year they have thought of Isla Cristina to repeat this concentration, which has once again been a resounding success, and in which more than two hundred cars have participated, whose clubs and owners have become true ambassadors of our people.” and what we offer here, taking their impressions back to their places of origin”, emphasizing that “we hope that next year they will return for their third edition since the City Council will continue to bet on it” and thanking the rest of the delegations involved, especially the Delegation of General Services, as well as the Local Police and Civil Protection “their presence guaranteeing the safety of this event.”

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