More than 100 people will enjoy ‘A bath without barriers’ this summer

“Making it possible for them to feel the water of the sea or take a walk along the shore, see the unforgettable expression of their eyes when they take a bath and share moments of fun and enjoyment on the beach” are, in the words of the president of Red Cross HuelvaJuan José Blanco, the keys to ‘A Bathroom Without Barriers’a program that has been running for 23 years thanks to the support of volunteers and essential collaborators such as the Huelva City Council and the Punta Umbría City Council.

The qualification, commitment and solidarity of 25 Red Cross volunteers, the sponsorship of the Huelva City Council and the collaboration of the Punta Umbría City Council are the pillars on which the ‘A bathroom without barriers’ program is based, which once Once again, this year for the second time on the sand of the urban beach of Punta Umbría, it has the ultimate goal of “overcoming all obstacles so that, in the months of July and August, more than 100 people with reduced mobility can enjoy fully from the beach”, assured Blanco.

To make the program possible, Red Cross volunteers provide a comprehensive service, which includes picking up users and their companions at their homes, after calling the NGO, and at the headquarters of the affiliated associations, as well as transport to the beach, where they are helped to bathe, thanks to four amphibious vehicles called anfibuggy, while making it possible for them to spend a day of coexistence and fun in the tents set up for the enjoyment of each day.

Although the program has been running throughout the month of July, in the official presentation held today, the Councilor for Social Policies and Equality of the Huelva City Council, María José Pulido, highlighted that “the Huelva Town Hall does not hesitate to make resources available to Cruz Roja, to eliminate any barrier and that those who have it most difficult in their day to day life can enjoy the sea and shared fun on the beach, something that very probably they could not do without this union of forces to make it possible”.

For their part, the Councilors for Social Services and Tourism and Beach of the Punta Umbría City Council, Valentina Esteban and Tamara Cazorla, respectively, showed the Consistory’s “satisfaction” for “hosting ‘A bathroom without barriers’ for the second year, an initiative extraordinary for which we make all our infrastructure available to the Red Cross and a fully accessible beach with more than 2,300 meters of concrete walkway, three shaded areas for people with reduced mobility and 4 amphibuggy ». An implication that, underlined by Pulido, Esteban and Cazorla, corroborates “the municipal commitment to an accessible, inclusive and suitable beach for everyone, where anyone can take a bath without impediment”.

Finally, the president of Cruz Roja Huelva explained that “the volunteer team comes from different care areas of our Organization, from health technicians to lifeguards, through social educators, to drivers of adapted vehicles, from support vehicles and accompanying volunteers, all trained in advance to guarantee the safety of all users in the baths in the sea and to develop animation actions with walks along the seashore, talks, workshops, games and other activities playful that help normalize the lives of people with reduced mobility by eliminating barriers and filling their summer with joy”.

More than 100 people will enjoy 'A bath without barriers' this summer

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