Monument to football in Punta Umbría

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The City Council of Umbria Point today located the monument to the birth of Spanish football on loan from the Real Club Recreational Huelva to the town of Punta Umbria on Avenida del Decano.

It is a replica of the statue that the capital of Huelva has at the entrance to Avenida de Andalucía from the A-49 motorway and that extols the province of Huelva as the origin of national football.

The monument will be inaugurated soon

The Puntaumbrieño Consistory is preparing an official inauguration by Recreativo de Huelva itself, within the campaign that will bring the club closer to different towns in the province.

Before locating it on the avenue, the coastal Town Hall has made repairs to the monument, which is made of polyester. It is now being anchored into the ground and will be capped off with a metal deck.

soccer monument punta umbria

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