Mio Cid, with José Luis Gómez, this Saturday in Niebla

The XXXVII edition of the Castillo de Niebla Theater and Dance Festival arrives at the halfway point of its main programming and does it in a big way: with the representation, this Saturday, in the courtyard of the castle of Iliplense, of the play My Cid, a production of the Teatro de la Abadía, directed and performed by the veteran actor, director, writer and academic from Huelva Jose Luis Gomez.

This attractive proposal was presented to the media this morning by the vice president of the Huelva Provincial Council, Juan Antonio García, accompanied by the performer of the work himself, who offered during his speech a real master class on the text, the Song of Mio Cid, considered the greatest epic poem of Hispanic literature, anonymous, of oral tradition, divided into three songs, which narrates the exploits that occurred to Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar in the 11th century.

As the vice-president of the provincial institution has indicated, “the proposal cannot be more attractive, My Cid It is a source of pride for the programming of the Niebla Festival and a gift for the spectators who have the good sense to go to the castle of Iliplen this Saturday”. García underlined that “the public is going to be able to enjoy this great epic text of literature in the Spanish language that recovers its orality and minstrel dimension thanks to the work of José Luis Gómez, theater director, actor, writer, academic and one of the most outstanding and beloved figures of the Spanish cultural panorama”.

García has emphasized that “José Luis Gómez, creator and director of the Teatro de La Abadía, demonstrates in My Cid his passion for language as a treasure of communication, learning and culture; as a common thread through which history, adventures, deeds, dramas and the daily evolution of a territory and its people are developed and known; the memory, in short, of what we are”.

“If we add to all these attractions the imposing presence of this magnificent actor on stage, his mastery of the scenic space, exquisite diction, exact tone, and his celebration of the language as a permanent claim in his long professional career, success will be resounding”, indicated the vice-president.

For his part, José Luis Gómez has pointed out that “the approach of the project focuses on becoming a minstrel of the 21st century so that viewers can fully appreciate the meaning with which it was really conceived.” In this current version of the greatest epic poem in Castilian literature, Gómez manages to give body and voice “to the words that gave rise to Hispanic literature and the sound of our medieval language”.

The actor and director from Huelva has pointed out that “the My Cid it is prototheatre, that is to say, theater in its purest form, the purest that one can imagine, there is nothing on stage except a minstrel accompanied by a piano that does not start with melodies but rather launches percussive, strange sounds, because the My Cid it smells of leather, iron, spurs, sweat”.

As Gómez has explained, “the minstrel in his time was not an actor, he could not embody a single character, he had to move quickly from one character to another, from one event to another, since his work was similar to that of a painter Impressionist, with thick, fast and precise brushstrokes”.

For the actor from Huelva, “the most fascinating thing about My Cid is that all the languages ​​of Spain that are still alive because they have continued to be spoken resonate in it: Catalan, Valencian, echoes of Navarrese-Aragonese, echoes of Asturian bable and even Basque, which gives us an idea of ​​the richness of the text ”.

The academician has finished his intervention by enunciating in a masterful way some verses of the My Cid that are part of the show that can be enjoyed tomorrow, Saturday, at 10:30 p.m., in the courtyard of the Castillo de los Guzmán.

About Jose Luis Gomez

José Luis Gómez is the soul of the Teatro de La Abadía, which he founded in 1995. Although he has left its management, he has not dissociated himself. Trained theatrically in Germany and France, his first professional jobs were in the best theaters in the Federal Republic of Germany.

In 1971 he returned to Spain and, seven years later, he co-directed the Centro Dramático Nacional. Since then his artistic activity, as an actor and director, has been incessant, both in public and private theaters. He occupies, since 2011, the Z chair of the Royal Spanish Academy.

Mio Cid, with José Luis Gómez, this Saturday in Niebla

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