MAS and Giahsa activate a strategic plan of 26 million to renew the networks

The full of the Association of Services of the Province of Huelva (MAS) approved this Friday Strategic Plan for the improvement of hydraulic infrastructures and municipal investment plansa project entrusted by the MAS to the public company Giahsa of vital importance for the modernization and adaptation of the supply and sanitation networks of the province. This Strategic Plan, to which a total of 36 municipalities have joined, is part of an investment of close to 26 million euros, which will serve to pay for the execution of a historic action for the province in terms of sustainability, economic and environmental efficiency.

The investment program will be executed during the next four years. As the executive director of Giahsa, Manuel Domínguez Limón, explained, “the Strategic Plan was born with the aim of investing, in a joint and coordinated manner, in the improvement and modernization of our hydraulic infrastructures, and will join our own maintenance works, repair or replacement that will continue to be carried out by the public company in accordance with the obligations assumed in the concession titles”.

Response to the request of the municipalities

The drafting of the Strategic Plan, Domínguez continued, “contains, together with the investments to be made, the programming of the works, the criteria for their execution, the sources of financing and the monitoring and control of the actions”. This Plan was born as a consequence of the request made in 2021 by the municipalities integrated in the MAS to the Giahsa company to work together on a proposal for the restructuring of the municipal concessions, which then asked them to choose between three options.

“36 city councils chose to approve the new financing proposal, either capitalizing in a single act or opting to receive the canon annually”, the executive director recalled. Based on this framework, Giahsa proposes the Strategic Plan for investment in networks encrypted at 25.9 million, of which the participating municipalities will contribute a third of their canon (20 million) and the rest will be completed with funds from Giahsa and the Provincial Council.

Work execution criteria

The works will be carried out following clear execution criteria. In relation to the more than 1,036 kilometers of the supply network and more than 500 kilometers of existing sanitation networks in Giahsa’s scope of action, priority will be given to replacing lower quality materials than those currently used to improve water quality, including fiber cement.

In the same way, priority will be given to areas with the highest rate of breakdowns or with the presence of pipes made of fragile materials on unstable terrain, as well as points with low pressure in the supply. Regarding the sanitation network, the areas with the highest rate of breakage will also be prioritized, as well as those prone to incidents due to blockages in the collectors.

In short, the work of the Strategic Plan will focus on the renewal and adaptation of the networks, on the improvement of water quality, installation of meters, digitization (transformation and incorporation of the latest intelligent technologies), prevention of fraud in supply, prevention of flooding in the rainy season, sanitation black spots (blockage areas, breakages, counter-slopes and bad odours), discharge control and increased coverage of the sanitation network.

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