Marismas del Odiel, the forgotten neighborhood

Since Andalusia By Yes Huelva we want to denounce the situation of chronic abandonment suffered by the neighborhood of Marismas del Odielespecially the area of ​​old houses and the new Santa Lucia, both areas do not seem to exist in the maintenance plans of the Huelva City Council.

We believe that it is not acceptable to be able to see how long ago both the pavement and the road have not been kept in good condition. Seeing how we advance through its narrow streets, we find a multitude of potholes and cracks that can cause falls, remembering that many elderly people live in this area. We also found that there are many broken curbs or that there is a great lack of urban equipment that does not exist in this neighborhood, something as basic as a bench or a fountain.

We verified that there are a multitude of old demolished houses, that their lots have become areas where pastures and rubbish abound without either of them being removed when it comes to avoiding fires that affect the surrounding houses. Without forgetting that this lack of cleaning and clearing the pastures in the past has produced fires, which are a great danger for the dozens of small houses that are around, without the municipal council seeming to be concerned about this situation.

The neighbors have told us that at the time we are living with concern about this lack of cleaning of the lots, seeing last week’s fire with fear, telling us that they have transmitted to the Huelva City Council the urgency of proceeding with the cleaning of grasslands of his neighbourhood, without doing anything until now other than removing some pastures near houses, but without eliminating the large areas of pasture where a lot of garbage accumulates.

We visited the housing area of ​​Nueva Santa Lucia with the neighbors, where they were able to show us the unsustainable situation in which they live thanks to the lies launched by the Huelva City Council. Verifying that the situation that they have been dragging on since the houses were handed over has not been reversed, without having more accesses with which to access this area, resulting almost in a mousetrap when there is a fire to be able to evacuate, without executing the parts of urbanism (sidewalk-road) missing since this housing area was created.

Covers are missing from various manholes that are a daily danger due to the fall that can occur to people who want to access the neighborhood through the dirt roads that exist, which are widely used due to the lack of properly urbanized accesses. With a serious cleaning problem due to the continuous dumping of various garbage and debris that almost surrounds the entire housing area, they also tell us that a greater police presence is needed at certain times of the day to reduce problems and inconvenience suffered by some neighbors.

From Andalucía Por Sí Huelva we think that it is not acceptable to have an entire neighborhood with a current security problem such as fires due to lack of cleanliness both in garbage and in pastures, remembering how it was in this area where people were caught personnel who worked for the City Council of Huelva throwing rubbish. We believe that there are no excuses that justify the great abandonment suffered by these neighbors and we hope that from the Department of Infrastructures Urban Habitat led by Esther Cumbreras together with Gabriel Cruz they agree that this area of ​​Huelva has to live in such a situation of abandonment and lack of cleaning .

Letter to the editor: Marismas del Odiel, the forgotten neighborhood

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