Level 1 of Emergencies due to the Bonares fire, deactivated

The Acting Government Delegate of the Junta de Andalucía in Huelva, Álvaro de Burgos, has deactivated at 9:24 a.m. this Wednesday, level 1 of the Andalusian Forest Fire Emergency Plan (Info Plan), in the province of Huelvagiven the evolution of the fire that since last Monday has affected the municipal districts of BonarsAlmonte and Rociana.

The evolution of the fire has allowed that, after the coordination meeting of the Advisory Committee convened at the Bonares PMA first thing in the morning, the operational and extinction management of the Infoca Plan has authorized the return of the residents of the 236 homes that remained evicted in the municipality of Almonte. El Porretal, La Cañada, La Tirimbola, Pinos Jurado and Los Reyes were the areas affected by the preventive measures that are now being lifted due to the good evolution of the fire.

Level 1 of the Info Plan deactivated

Level 1 of the Plan has been in force since 5:47 p.m. last Monday, the 25th. This Level is activated in those fires in which, being able to be controlled with the expected means of extinction, it is estimated, due to their possible evolution, the need to put into practice measures for the protection of people and nature assets. not forest.

During this period, the City Councils of Almonte, Bonares and Rociana have kept their Municipal Emergency Plans (PEM).

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