La Zarza-Perrunal will have a tourist office thanks to the PFEA

The town of La Zarza-Perrunal in Huelva will have a tourist office to offer attention and information to visitors thanks to the Agricultural Employment Promotion Program (PFEA). The City Council is rehabilitating a municipal building to house this service.

The regional delegate of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration of the Junta in Huelva, Alfredo Martín, today learned about the project during his visit to the municipality, accompanied by the mayor, Juan Manuel Serrano, with whom he previously held a meeting at the Town Hall.

The City Council of La Zarza-Perrunal has submitted three projects to the PFEA call for the paving of Cala, Villarriba and San Vicente streets and for the aforementioned rehabilitation works of a municipal building that will house a tourist office. The cost of the three projects for the Junta de Andalucía amounts to 36,225 euros destined to finance 75% of the materials.

The supervision of the works of the PFEA is part of the powers of the Department of Local Administration, which participates in this program together with the SEPE and the Provincial Councils.

Zarza Perrunal tourism officeImportance for tourism

The delegate congratulated the mayor for his initiative to allocate PFEA funds to “new equipment and services that, on the one hand, benefit the residents in the case of actions on the roads and, on the other, contribute to improving care for the visitors and thereby promote tourism, a strategic sector to fight against depopulation”.

Convened aid for the seasonal reinforcement of municipal services

During his visit, Martín took the opportunity to inform the councilor of the recent call for aid for local entities aimed at reinforcing public services of their competence in the face of seasonal population increases. The budget allocated to this line of subsidies is 1.5 million, of which 153,304 euros correspond to the province of Huelva. The application period is open until May 31 and the maximum amount per municipality is 15,000 euros.

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