IU asks the Minister of Transport to tender access to Chare de Lepe

At the beginning of last March, the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Rachel Sanchezannounced in an appearance in the Senate, among other promises related to the infrastructures of Andalusia, that his Ministry was going to tender “before the summer” the accesses to the chare of the coastlocated in the municipality of Lepe. “July is about to end and everything indicates that the minister has completely forgotten that unfulfilled promise”, since there is no evidence that said tender has taken place, according to the Provincial coordinator of United Left in HuelvaMarcos Totti.

Toti announces that “we are going to claim the tender” through the intervention of the Grupo de Unidas Podemos in the Congress of Deputies, through specific questions that the UP deputy, José Luis Bueno (United Left), will ask for this purpose. for the minister to report in detail on everything related to the status of this tender and access to Chare. However, Toti takes the opportunity to “publicly ask” the Minister of Transport to “not go on vacation without fulfilling her promise” and to launch the bidding process for the accesses to Chare “as she publicly promised last month of March”.

The Provincial Coordinator of IU in Huelva considers the delay in this tender to be especially “serious”, which continues to prevent the opening of Chare de Lepe, since the lack of accessibility to this public health center, totally closed since its construction, is the “excuse which is used” by the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, to grant large amounts of money from public coffers to the private health company Clínicas Pascual.

Precisely, before the Andalusian elections, the Ministry of Health granted Pascual’s company a new health agreement worth more than 200 million euros over five years, for his private clinic Virgen de la Bella, located in the town of Lepe.

Toti recalls that the announcement about the tender for the accesses to the Chare de la Costa was made by Minister Raquel Sánchez while answering a series of questions asked by the current PSOE spokesman in the Andalusian Parliament, Juan Espadas, from his seat as senator by regional designation. “Taking into account the historical and continuous abandonment that we suffer in Huelva in terms of infrastructure, it is very unfortunate and even offensive that that announcement has remained just another headline in the press without content”, since it is about some works that are very necessary to Huelva and to defend public health “against the privatizing interests of Moreno Bonilla,” says Toti.

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