“I also experienced a teleportation”

It all happened in early December 2017. My ex-girlfriend and I were going to visit some relatives in Cádiz. On the way back, around 10:00 a.m. when we were driving on the A-4 towards Sevillesomething happened: Overtaking a truck, we found ourselves on a country road with a truck in front of us…”

Disturbing, right? Thus begins the unusual story of the filmmaker from Huelva Manuel Longareswho, after publishing the account of the “teleportation” of a Cartaya family, has come to the fore to endorse the event. And it is that, as he asserts in an interview with this newsroom, he also lived that experiencewith the only difference that “our enigma continued a few more kilometers”.

“My ex-girlfriend was driving. We were frozen. Not knowing what was happening I warned her to get out of the way and not hit the truck. To get back to the highway it takes about an hour. At last we saw the detour and joined. Once again on the highway, we were commenting on what had happened… How the highway had disappeared in a flash and we had gone to a regional one that we did not know at all. We were in a state of shock,” Lagares tells us.

The story did not finish there. “We looked at the kilometers that were missing to get to Seville. About 90 km. We were going at 100 km/hour. We’re supposed to be there in an hour, right? –The filmmaker from Huelva reflects-. “The traffic was fluid, the kilometers did not pass, we had a sfeeling of recoil and indeed, it took us three hours to get to Seville”.

It was like being on a gym platform…

Asked about his feelings about the experience, he explains that “it was a feeling of instability, as if we were in the movie back to the future, with the difference that it was not a fiction. We experience it first-hand.”

“What we experienced was not a coincidence”he assures, that is why “when I read that it had happened to more people and they had decided to tell about it, I was stunned… I couldn’t even imagine that other people had the same experience as me I lived 5 years ago with my ex-girlfriend.

Now, Lagares, who in his day only told his brother José, He has decided to narrate his teleportation experience to the world and “share it with that family” that, since he recounted his experience in the media, has generated the most varied comments – most of them questioning his story.

“I am a public person and I don’t mind saying what I experienced. Each one draw their conclusions… they are very respectable as long as they are not disrespectful”, concludes Lagares.

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