Huelva will be in the Network of Industrial Cities

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the mayor of HuelvaGabriel Cruz, received this morning the Minister for Industrial Policy and Energy, Jorge Paradela, to whom he expressed his interest in incorporating Huelva into the Network of Industrial Cities of Andalusia “because it is an inseparable sector from the future of the capital and its province.

During the meeting held between the two aldermen, and in which the first deputy mayor of Economy, Presidency and Institutional Relations, María Villadeamigo; the Councilor for Employment, Economic Development and Strategic Planning, Jesús Manuel Bueno; as well as the general secretary of Industry and Mines, Cristóbal Sánchez and the territorial delegate of Economy, Finance and European Funds and of Industrial Policy and Energy, Lucía Núñez; The city’s concerns and development projects in the industrial sphere have been addressed “which stand out for the ecological transition they are leading and in which the City Council has an active role because we understand that Huelva is an industrial city, head of a province with an important presence of the industry that has to continue developing along these paths”, assured the mayor.

In this regard, he highlighted the bet of the Consistory for sustainable industry as an institutional partner of the Green Hydrogen Cluster and “we are reviewing the PGOU, a document with which we give certainty and legal certainty to clean industry and reaffirm Huelva’s status as an industrial city, in full compatibility with progress towards a greener and healthier Huelva”.

On the other hand, Gabriel Cruz has transferred to the councilor the “firm objective” that Huelva locates the new headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency and, therefore, “from the first moment, this City Council is carrying out all the necessary steps to reach a goal that excites us and that corresponds to us because we have the most suitable capacity and characteristics, starting with our history, strategic location, experience in projects of this type, equipment and facilities”.

Board Satisfaction

For his part, Jorge Paradela welcomed the Council’s joining the Network of Industrial Cities of Andalusia “because this network must be made up of cities that are committed to the transformation of industry towards digitalization and sustainability, much more modern and respectful with the environment, and Huelva is a good example of this”.

Regarding Huelva to become the headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency, the regional councilor has pointed out that as an administration “we want the project to stay in Andalusia and has ensured that Huelva “has requirements, ingredients and trajectory to constitute a competitive bet ”.


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