Huelva will appear as a popular accusation for the death of Alicia Rodríguez

The Huelva City Council plenary session has given the approval this Wednesday, with the support of all municipal groups except Vox, which has voted against, to the proposal presented by Mesa de la Ría for the appearance of the City Council as a popular accusation in the proceedings provided for 322/21 of the Court of Violence against Women, number 1, regarding the death of the camera from Huelva Alicia Rodríguezwho was allegedly murdered by her romantic partner, MQS, in Marmolejo (Jaén) in June 2021.

According to the spokesperson for Mesa de la Ría in the Huelva City Council, Rafael Gavilán, “Alicia has been an exemplary woman and loved by all. It is something that is owed to her family.” Even more so when the only one investigated for the death of the young graphic reporter from Huelva, in an event that the Spanish Government described as a sexist violence caseis found in parole since last June awaiting trial, for which there is still no date.

It should be remembered that MQS had been in provisional prison for just over a year and his defense already requested his release last December 2021, although on that occasion it was denied.

The death of Alicia Rodriguez

The event took place around 3:30 a.m. on June 12 last year, when Alicia Rodríguez was run over on a rural road, about 200 meters from the municipal cemetery of the Jaen municipality of Marmolejo.

It was the same man who hit her who called the authorities and asked the 112 Andalucía Emergency Service for an ambulance because a woman had suffered an accident.

Upon arrival, what the health services and the Benemérita agents found was the woman allegedly run over by a vehicle and lifeless, for which they could only certify his deathwhose macho nature it was confirmed by the Spanish Government Delegation against Gender Violence two days later.

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