Huelva allocates 200,000 euros to the brotherhoods of Holy Week

The mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz and the president of the Council of Fraternities and Brotherhoods of the city, Antonio González, have renewed the traditional annual collaboration agreement between the two entities, which increases again on this occasion to €200,000following the ascending line maintained in these last seven years, in which the figure has multiplied by five, from the initial 40,000 euros, with an increase of 400%Huelva allocates 200,000 euros to the brotherhoods of Holy WeekIn this way, as Cruz has pointed out, “the commitment and responsibility of the collective with the Holy Week and with the city, in the defense of our traditions and roots and the contribution of the brotherhoods through their social works, their patrimonial and popular imprint and their roots as a sign of local identity”.

Also, the mayor of Huelva, has referred to “the importance of Holy Week at the level of revitalization of the city, with its repercussions on the hotel and commercial sector, as well as image and fundamental claim for tourism.”

In this sense, the official signature stamped by the Huelva City Council was held in Colombinas, in an act with the presence of the Big Brothers and representatives of each and every one of the Brotherhoods that make up the Council.

The first mayor has confessed to feeling this year “even more proud to sign this agreement to support the council and the brotherhoods of Huelva after recovering all the splendor of the processional parades, in a Holy Week that will go down in history after two very hard years, without steps in the streets, but with an important social, cultural and religious initiative that has been maintained, to ensure that our Holy Week and the brotherhood spirit of this city remain alive and present throughout the year

According to the mayor, a reality whose importance lies in the fact that “we have a unique Holy Week, which we are not going to stop extolling, because it is also one of our great signs of identity, due to our enormous artistic and brotherhood heritage, which are also a fundamental part of our devotional history and our legacy.”

With this agreement, the Huelva City Council intends to continue promoting and supporting Holy Week “as a defining element, a sign of identity, which is part of the essence of our land, our history and way of feeling, an event that brings us together and congregates and a very powerful tourist attraction” becoming, Gabriel Cruz said, “a way of thanking and acknowledging the 25 brotherhoods that are part of the Council, their work to make a city, to build a city, not only at Easter, but all year round, every day, extolling our tradition and our culture”.

For this reason, among the clauses of the agreement, it has also recalled the inclusion this year, to support activities of maintenance and conservation of the heritage of the brotherhoods, as well as cultural and dissemination actions, among which are especially cited those aimed at giving get to know Holy Week in Huelva abroad; those aimed at divulging their history; and those focused on the promotion of brotherhood music.

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