Huelva again leads the decline in unemployment in Andalusia in April

The pring registered in the province of Huelva during the month of april he has down 7.60% compared to the previous month, that is, 3,406 fewer peoples, which places the province with a total of 41,426 registered unemployed (17,198 men and 24,228 women)ranking for the third consecutive month at the head of the decline in unemployment in Andalusia in percentage terms.

Among the causes of this significant decrease is the reactivation of the hotel and service sector that began during the Easter holidays, the opening of hotel companies and tourist accommodation on the coast and in rural areas. The agricultural sector continues to incorporate workers in the tasks of harvesting strawberries and red fruits, also observing a significant increase in staff in construction companies.

The percentage decrease in unemployment has been experienced in all sectors. The greatest percentage drop was registered in Agriculture, with 11.26% less (-911 people), followed by Construction, with 9.97% less (-406 people) and in Industry, where it decreased by 8.70%. (-189 people). In Services it has been reduced by 6.31%, which has caused a decrease of 1,718 registered unemployed, and finally the group Without Previous Employment decreased by 5.5%, with a decrease that affected 182 people.

Compared to the same month last year, unemployment fell by 21.18%, that is, 11,135 unemployed less. By sectors and compared to last year, unemployment has fallen in all productive segments, the most notable being the group Without Previous Employment, with a drop of 34.30% (-1,616 people), followed by Agriculture with 27.18% (-2,678 people) and Industry with 22.20% (-566 people). Registered unemployment fell by 16.19% in Construction (-708 people) and by up to 17.92% (-5,567 people) in the Services sector.

48,183 new contracts

Last April, 48,183 new contracts were formalized in Huelva (28,131 men and 20,042 women), which is 14,351 less than in March and 53 less than in April of last year. Permanent contracting represents 54.9%, that is, 26,443 contracts, while temporary contracting stands at 45.1% of the total, with 21,740 new contracts.

Since the beginning of the year, the province has registered 199,759 new contracts, that is, 8,250 more contracts, which represents an increase of 4.12% more than last year. Of the total accumulated during the first four months of 2020, the new permanent contracts add up to 51,701 (25.9%) and 148,058 have been temporary contracts (74.1%).

12,488 more affiliations

The province has closed the month of April with an average affiliation of 260,859 people in the Social Securitywhich means an increase of 12,488 affiliates compared to the previous month and 3,955 affiliates compared to April 2021.

As for the self-employed regime, the province closed the month with an average membership of 29,290 registered, which represents an increase of 152 more than last March and 592 more than in April 2021.

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