He steals 18,000 euros in jewelry and gold coins from an elderly woman

The Civil Guard has arrested a person as the alleged perpetrator of del Stole of jewelry and gold coins inside an inhabited house taking advantage of the trust of its inhabitant, a elderly woman for which he worked doing maintenance work.

the so-called Operation Alfonsina It began on May 24 after receiving a complaint from a woman for an alleged theft of jewelry and gold coins at a home in Cortegana worth of €18,000.

The complainant does not know when they could have occurred, since due to her advanced age and state of health she had not gone up to the top of the house for a long time, which is where she kept the jewelry and coins.

After investigations carried out through checks in jewelry stores and with the collaboration of other police forces, the agents identified a family worker who carried out maintenance work as the person responsible for the theft, who took advantage of the trust with the resident, her high age, as well as the knowledge of the house, to steal the objects.

The accused of robbing the old woman was already in prison

For this reason, on July 22, this person, who was in prison for other crimes, was charged, and the agents went to the Huelva Penitentiary Center, where he was heard in a statement and his rights were read to him. as the author of a crime of theft of jewelry in an inhabited house.

In total, three gold bracelets with different pendants, four gold cords, two of them with a cross and the other two with medals, a pearl and gold necklace, three Alfonsine gold coins and three Elizabethan gold coins, two pairs of gold earrings, two seawater earrings, a link bracelet and a topaz ring, a gold bangle bracelet, two wedding bands, and a ring with two sapphires.

Due to the passage of time in detecting the theft by the injured party, it has not been possible to recover the stolen items.

The proceedings instructed have been forwarded to the Court of Instruction of Guardia de Aracena.

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