He finds a bag with 500 euros in Ayamonte and returns it

And you, what would you do if you found a bag with 500 euros? The story that is told below begins this Friday, July 29, when a woman from the border town of Ayamonte lost a handbag in which, among other things, there was a certain amount of money, distributed in bills of 50, 10 and 5 euros. Total, 500 euros.

When the young woman who found the bag opened it to check what was inside, she found some objects, the owner’s documentation and the aforementioned amount of money, and, without thinking about it, she went to the local police headquarters of the Huelva municipality, as and how the digital newspaper collects Aionsur.

honest people

“There are honest people left and it is that last night a young woman came to our offices to deliver a bag that a lady had lost and inside which there was a significant sum of money,” continues the story of the agents in the social networks.

After making the collection report, a police officer, investigating among the little documentation that was inside, and after carrying out various steps, was able to locate a relative of the owner of the bag, and inform him of the delivery of the bag.

Minutes later, its owner appeared at the police station, and after verifying the legitimate ownership of it, it was delivered to her.

The woman thanked him in person

Likewise, and with the permission of the young woman who found it, he was put in contact with her, in order to thank her for the gesture, according to the woman who had lost the bag herself, who did not want the young woman to go to sleep without, at least, the personal thanks for the honorable gesture he had made with her.

“Situations like this in which we serve as a link to solve problems make our working day happy,” concludes the Police on their social networks.

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