Great performance by goalkeepers from the Asirio Club in Madrid

The blue tide Assyrian Clubthanks to the great performance of its archershas led the Andalusian Federation to the second position in the ranking in the Spanish Championships on outdoor dartboard, with 17 medals (5 gold, 7 silver and 5 bronze), of the 25 that the delegation achieved, in addition to 3 records from Spain.

Leyre Fernández achieves the individual gold medal in Absolute. Marta Aznar, gold in children under 14 years. And the mixed team, the men’s and women’s under 14s also join the individual golds

Last weekend, the Spanish Outdoor Dartboard Championships were held in Madrid, a sporting event of the highest national importance, with more than 700 participants in 8 divisions. The Assyrian Club attended with 41 participants, 19 in the male category and 22 in the female category.

The great seasons that Asirio has been carrying out, especially this one in 2021/2022, made us think of high expectations from Huelva, since they had favorites to win in some of the categories, despite the four marathon days of more than 12 hours each.

On Thursday 28, the contest was kicked off. In the promotion categories, from the beginning, our athletes took the lead. In under 14 years Marta Aznar Tejero was a steamroller, she signed an excellent performance, first with the scoring record in the category and then not giving any of her rivals a chance during the heats, winning the gold medal. Marta was accompanied by her partner Leticia Romero Abrio, who only lost in the semifinals against the Spanish runner-up, getting a well-deserved bronze. In the men’s section, Antonio Domínguez Rengel, after congealing a great round, won the silver, in a very close final.

Another athlete who stood out was Cristóbal Gómez Ordóñez, a male cadet, after a great qualifying round he managed to reach the final, which was very disputed and ended up losing at the last moment. In the female junior, as in the other categories, Leyre Fernández Infante was sensational in the round, reaching the final in which she would face her teammate, Inés de Velasco Martínez from Madrid. The meeting was of such a level that it had to be settled in the tiebreaker arrow, which favored the Madrilenian by a meager difference.

The veteran goalkeepers showed that they are also up to the smallest, Antonia Gutiérrez Risco and Salomé Rofa Vega classified in second and fourth place respectively. Both scratched at a high level, losing in the semifinals, so they had to compete for the bronze. The meeting was very exciting between the two athletes, Antonia ended up winning, but the positive note was the example of sportsmanship and camaraderie shown by the two from Huelva, much applauded from the stands.

The main course was reserved for the final, the absolute category. After the dispute of the qualifying round, the best women were Leyre Fernández Infante second and little Marta Aznar Tejero seventh, while in the men’s category Cristóbal Gómez Ordóñez was seventeenth.

In direct confrontations, Leyre was very solid. In the semifinals she faced her junior executioner Inés de Velasco, to whom on this occasion she did not give an option and masterfully surpassed, so last year’s final would be repeated against another teammate, the Valencian Nerea López Sanchís . The fight for gold was very close, Nerea tried to beat her rival, but the Huelva native, very focused, gave her no room for maneuver, surpassing her in a sensational way and crowning herself absolute champion of Spain.

Then the Mixed Regional Teams (2 components) came into play. In minors, it was formed by Marta Aznar and Antonio Domínguez, who were very successful and far superior to their rivals, winning gold. In addition, Marta, along with Leticia Romero and Carmen Palomo Sánchez from Malaga, formed the Regional Team (3 components) which in turn also managed to win the national gold medal. In the men’s section, the team was made up of Antonio Domínguez, along with Pablo Ramírez Cobo from Seville and Hugo Vico García from Almeria, who, like his teammates, climbed to the top of the podium.

In the cadet category, Miriam Camacho Galván and Cristóbal Gómez formed the mixed team, taking bronze. In women’s teams of three, Miriam, together with Judit Jiménez Llanes and Carla Noemí Ramírez Mancebo from Malaga, climbed to the third drawer, while in men, Cristóbal together with Ignacio González Alfaya and Eduardo Lanzas García from Malaga obtained silver. In compound bow, the mixed team of Álvaro de los Santos Sánchez together with Mirian Arenas Sánchez from Malaga won silver.

The mixed junior team was made up of Leyre Fernández and Agustín Rodríguez Gutiérrez, they were very solid and managed to reach the final, which they lost to the powerful team from Madrid. While the women’s team made up of Leyre together with Cristina de Guzmán Rodríguez and Rocío González Lozano also occupied second place in the drawer.

Finally, the absolute mixed team was made up of Leyre together with Manuel Guerra Prian from Cadiz, both were magnificent, achieving a well-deserved third place.

star performance

The stellar performance of the Huelva team was completed by the goalkeepers in the under-14 category, with three Spanish records, Marta Aznar Tejero in the female under-14 category, Marta together with Pablo Ramírez Cobo from Seville in the under-14 mixed team and Marta, Leticia Romero Abrio and Sandra Pérez Cumbreras women’s team under 14 years.

The Andalusian Federation continues with the path marked in the last championships, by obtaining 25 medals and surpassing the feat of two years ago, where 23 metals were achieved. This fact is undoubtedly thanks to the work carried out by the Asirio de Huelva Club and especially by its technicians, with the more than positive ratio of having contributed 17 medals out of the 25 obtained by our community, leading the Andalusian team to second place in the medal table. , only surpassed by the very powerful Community of Madrid.

The people from Huelva have also achieved a historic event, for the first time they have registered more women, twenty-two, than men, nineteen, to an event as important as the Spanish Championship. Equality between both sexes is something that the Asirio Club has been fighting for for a long time, supporting women’s sports, and it is the only one that has achieved this important merit, of all the clubs that attended the national tournament, something to feel for proud.

performance of goalkeepers Club Asirio Madrid performance of goalkeepers Club Asirio Madrid performance of goalkeepers Club Asirio Madrid performance of goalkeepers Club Asirio Madrid

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