Grants of up to 15,000 euros for SMEs in Huelva

The Ministry of EmploymentTraining and Self-Employment has opened the deadline for micro-enterprises and SMEs Andalusians can request aid with a range between 1,200 and 15,000 euros to carry out projects and investments in the field of occupational risk prevention.

With this call, the Board allocates 4.72 million euros for subsidies under a competitive system, which will benefit around 500 micro and SMEs in Andalusia. For the province of Huelva, a budget of 304,433.56 euros is signed.

The application period for these grants will be extended for one month, and applications must necessarily be registered electronically, through the Virtual Office of the Ministry of Employment, Training and Self-Employment available at

The incentives, between 1,200 and 15,000 euros, may cover up to 75% of the investments made by companies and will be used to finance two lines of aid.

On the one hand, aid of between 1,500 and up to 15,000 euros is established to finance activities and projects that include investments aimed at the incorporation of preventive improvement measures in companies, such as the replacement of existing old machinery in work centers; the incorporation of specific facilities for the control of pollutants of a chemical, physical or biological nature; safety adaptations of work equipment and machinery; or the acquisition of intelligent systems for the active control of the protection of workers, among others.

This line of aid is the one with the largest budget, with a regional item of 4.26 million, of which 271,121.76 euros will go to the province of Huelva.

Second line of aid

On the other hand, a second aid of between 1,200 and up to 12,000 euros is established for initiatives and projects to improve the integration of prevention in companies, which facilitate compliance with regulations, as well as the implementation of innovative and good projects. preventive practices. Included in this section are training plans, ergonomic and psychosocial studies, R&D&I projects aimed at improving working conditions, preventive diagnoses of emerging risks and first implementations of occupational health and safety management systems. For this second line, the regional budget amounts to 468,000 euros, of which 33,311.80 euros have been allocated to Huelva SMEs.

The term of execution of the first line is 6 months, while that of the second line is 12 months. Applicants can choose, when filling out the forms to request the aid, if they want these deadlines to start counting from the date of registration of the application or from the date of publication of the award resolution. Once the aid has been granted, the payment of 50% of the total amount of the subsidy will be paid, while the remaining 50% will be released once the activity or project has been completed and after justification of the expense.

Priority projects

For this call, the projects or initiatives aimed at: the implementation of collective measures for the protection of the risk of falls from height for work on fragile surfaces, including permanent greenhouses, will be a priority for their concession; projects for the implementation of measures to protect against the risk of exposure to silica and other carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic agents; projects for the implementation of measures for the elimination and/or reduction of risks linked to occupational asthma; or projects for the implementation of measures to eliminate or reduce the risk of exposure to noise in metal carpentry and metal structure manufacturing activities.

Also among the priorities are those that are focused on the incorporation of devices or structures to prevent the overturning of machinery; those for the implementation of ergonomic improvements in accommodation services and socio-health activities; and those aimed at the implementation or improvement of safe mobility systems and occupational road safety plans.

Micro-SMEs and SMEs that, in addition to meeting the requirements set out in the regulatory bases, are included in 51 CNAE selected in relation to the activities that present the greatest need for risk prevention measures, and that belong to sectors as diverse as agriculture, forestry and fishing; the manufacturing industry; water supply, sanitation, waste management and decontamination activities; building; trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles; transportation and storage; hostelry; information and communications; administrative activities and auxiliary services or health activities and social services, among others.

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