Graduation of students from Adult Centers

Yesterday afternoon, the Graduation of the students of the Centers of Adult People under the direction of the CEPER Lazareto and its Sections: SEP «Torrejón», «La Hispanidad», «Tartessos» and «XII de Octubre» at the Joaquín Martín Jiménez «Quini» Social Center.

In the act where an atmosphere of joy, effort and dreams come true prevailed, more than 50 students graduated surrounded by family, friends and teachers. Around 200 attendees have enjoyed the Graduation ceremony.

the education of Adult People it is the opportunity that we citizens have to acquire basic training, expand and renew knowledge, abilities and skills permanently and facilitate access to the different teachings of the educational system; Improve professional qualification or acquire preparation for the exercise of other professions; Develop personal skills in the expressive, communicative, interpersonal relationship and knowledge construction fields; Develop the ability to participate in social, cultural, political and economic life and make the right to democratic citizenship effective. They also develop programs that correct the risks of social exclusion, especially of the most disadvantaged sectors; They ensure older people the opportunity to increase and update their skills; They promote equal rights and opportunities between men and women, etc.

This year from the Education and Training Forum of the Integral Plan of District 5 we have been very focused on bringing the educational offer of the Centers for Adults closer to the citizens and professionals of the educational and socio-labour orientation so that they know it in depth and can offer the resource.

For those people interested in enrolling in a Center for Adult People, inform them that the registration period is open.

graduation students adults graduation students adults

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