Government commitment to the San Silvestre tunnel

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Secretary of State for EnvironmentHugo Morán, announced this Wednesday in Huelva that in the middle of next year the works for the expansion of the San Silvestre tunnel will begin.

He has done so, accompanied by the sub-delegate of the government in Huelva Manuela Parralo, during a meeting with the Platform for the unfolding of the tunnel, represented by irrigation communities, economic and social entities, industry, urban water consumption, tourism, trade unions, universities, etc., to analyze the status of the San Silvestre tunnel expansion project. It was also attended by the president of the Huelva Provincial Council, María Eugenia Limón, and the mayors of the province.

Hugo Morán, has reiterated the “inalienable” commitment of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) in the culmination of this action, a priority to guarantee the existing water supply of the Chanza, the supply and other agricultural and industrial uses in Huelva.

Action in the San Silvestre tunnel

The action consists of replacing the current tunnel, which is in a significant state of deterioration, with a new one, parallel to the existing one, with a length of 7.6 km and a diameter of 3.6m, and a capacity of 20m3/s. The infrastructure is endowed with an economic investment of €73,517,522.25 and has a term of execution of the works of thirty-one months, as stated in the BOE published on September 8.

Morán has reported that the project is currently being adapted to include the recommendations established in the environmental impact report, before continuing with its technical approval and subsequent bidding for the works.

Once the review and improvement of the project was completed, the environmental evaluation began, which has had a favorable assessment since June. It is expected, according to Morán at the meeting, that at the end of the first semester of next year the work will be awarded and therefore the start of it.

The objective is to guarantee the supply of the municipalities of the County of Huelva, improve the guarantee of irrigation and the recovery of the aquifers of the area, especially of the Doñana National Park. Both the transfer of the resource and all the actions associated with it must be submitted to the environmental assessment process.

For her part, the sub-delegate of the government in Huelva, Manuela Parralo, has underlined “that we have a serious government, which fulfills its commitments in our province” since it announced that the investment would be included in the General State Budget until today “it has been been able to verify the effort in the work carried out by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, to speed up the deadlines as much as possible, because I knew that it was a priority for Huelva»

Representatives of the platform, have transferred to the SE of State Hugo Morán, their gratitude for his predisposition, his attention and his closeness throughout the process carried out so far.

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