flamenco latin andalusí fusion at the UNIA

Monia’s Quartet, now known as Monia’s Qclosed this Wednesday Open Culture cycle La Rábida of the UNIA with a dedicated audience that acted as a choir throughout the concert.

The show ‘Bakalawa’ is a unique musical proposal that blends songs of Arab origin with Afro-Caribbean rhythms, jazz and even some reminiscence to flamenco, despite its members are of Spanish, Tunisian and Cuban origin.

Manuel Sierra on bass, Ana Gallardo on percussion, Anabel Pérez on piano and keyboards, and the soft voice of Monia Abdelali offer a recital in which they prove to be versatile artists, of extraordinary interpretive quality who master multiple instruments. The repertoire made the public travel with songs from Egypt, Lebanon, France and even a fusion with Camarón’s Leyenda del Tiempo.

Thus closes the Open Culture cycle La Rábida of the UNIA that has hosted 9 shows and for which all tickets were sold out from the first week.

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