Finca Alfoliz celebrates its first anniversary in style

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Farm Alfolizthe sustainable restaurant chef from Huelva xanti eliashas celebrated the I Sustainable Gastronomy Event. A exclusive encounter organized to honor the people who have enjoyed the farm during its first year: its clients, those who have tried its gastronomic proposal and have walked through its 10,000 square meters (UNESCO Heritage) during its first year of life.

Among them, there are also representatives of public and private institutions, as well as influential personalities from Huelva. Guests who have been able to enjoy the culinary offer offered both by the Xanty Elías team, and by all the suppliers of the house, who have accompanied Finca Alfoliz during its 365 days of life.

Finca Alfoliz celebrates its first anniversary in style

“All of us here tonight have participated in making this project a reality. Well, each one of you has come to feel this unique climate, to enjoy food and drink, to walk, to breathe and you have left with a smile. Finca Alfoliz is here for you to enjoy it, live it and feel the freedom that it gives you”, explained Xanty Elías to all the attendees.

The I Finca Alfoliz Sustainable Gastronomy Event It has also been possible thanks to the sponsors who, every day, are part of the restaurant. Brands of the land that share the essence of Alfoliz, such as Sánchez Romero Carvajal, who has put the Huelva seal on his hams, assortment and Iberian meats. Dehesa Dos Hermanas cheese factory, which has offered its sheep’s milk cheeses to the attendees or Oleodiel, contributing its oils.

Likewise, Grupo Viñafiel and Bodegas Contreras Ruiz have paired the experience with their wines and sparkling wines, respectively. It has also accompanied the afternoon Martín Naranjo oven, which has facilitated the assortment of breads and Fresón de Palos, adding a sweet touch to the night with its blueberries and raspberries.

On the other hand, the drinks have also been provided by Mahou San Miguel and Solán de Cabras, offering a variety of beers and waters to the attendees. Royal Bliss has done the same with its soft drinks and mixers, which it has also combined with the Pernod Ricard offer, with its Monkey 47 gin (which gives its name to the Finca Alfoliz cocktail terrace) the main alcoholic beverage in its catalog that is has consumed at the event.

Finally, CoverManager, the reservation management software, and Maybein, an application that helps find tables in the most requested restaurants, such as Finca Alfoliz, have also been part of the meeting.

Awarded with a Michelin Green Star with only 3 months of life, Finca Alfoliz opened its doors on September 7 as Elías’s new restoration project: a family farm where embers, local products, sustainability, the professionalism of the team and the warm welcome of the people reign supreme. Elements that have not been lacking in its first anniversary.

“The objective of this event was to offer a unique event, so that all the clients who have come to enjoy Finca Alfoliz this year and our main suppliers share their experience here with each other and thus feel an active part of this wonderful place. They are the creators and, in turn, the ones who have felt the true #alfolizidad. That is why we have once again given him this unique sensation”, declares Cinta Martínez, Communications Manager of the Xanty Elías Group.

Finca Alfoliz celebrates its first anniversary in style

The concept #alfolizity, recently coined by the Group, summarizes and describes the consumption experience and the good work of its restaurant staff. It comes in two meanings:

  1. adj. F. Unique and inherent feeling of well-being that is experienced by disconnecting in a natural environment (UNESCO Heritage), eating local products and vegetables collected from the garden. In short, enjoy a 100% sustainable and sensory experience at Finca Alfoliz.
  2. adj. F. Innate joy and characteristic of the entire team that is part of Finca Alfoliz, which spreads to each and every one of the people who enjoy it.

In short, a unique meeting in Huelva dedicated to paying homage to the people of Huelva, their gastronomy and the natural environment in which the province is surrounded. Event that, as Xanty Elías promises, will be the first of many.

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