Final results of the VIII Huelva Provincial Interclub League

Last Saturday, May 7, in front of the Canaleta beach, the last two tests of the eighth Interclub League Huelva Provincial Council.

The start of the first test, scheduled for 1:00 p.m., was delayed 25 minutes while waiting for the weather to stabilize.
wind, finally 14 boats took the start with a light wind of about five knots from the west.

The champions in that fifth round, the first of the day, were Félix Sanz’s DE6 FUENSANA in ORC3, accompanied on the podium by Ignacio Zalvide’s SEABERY SOLUCIONES and Ignacio Palacios’s KAOS PRIMERO.

In ORC4, Antonio Álvarez’s CAMBRIA won, followed by Curro Azcarate’s TREBOLISIMO DOS ASISA and Pedro José Vides’ CAPITAN SALITRE.

In ORC5, first place went to José Barrero’s SARAPIN II, followed by Victoriano Pelayo’s XIC and Miguel Carvajal’s COYANZA.

Then around 16:00 with a cooler wind also from the west, the sixth and last test of the league started with the following results. In ORC3 he won Félix Sanz’s D6 FUENSANA, followed by Ignacio Zalvide’s SEABERY SOLUCIONES and Ramón Rodríguez’s AL KEVIR.

In ORC4, Curro Azcarate’s TREBOLISIMO DOS ASISA came first, followed by Antonio Álvarez’s CAMBRIA and Enrique Torres’s LIBELLE.

In ORC5, first place went to José Barrero’s SARAPIN II, followed by Miguel Carvajal’s COYANZA and José María Fernández de Córdoba’s TRITON.

Provincial interclub league resultsResults finished the six sleeves:

1st SEABERY SOLUTIONS by Ignacio Zalvide from the RCMTPU
2º DE6 FUENSANA by Félix Sanz of the RCMTPU
3rd KAOS FIRST by Ignacio Palacios from the RCMTPU
1º TREBOLISIMO DOS ASISA by Curro Azcarate of the RCMH
2nd CAMBRIA by Antonio Álvarez from the RCMTPU
3º CAPITAN SALITRE by Pedro José Vides from the Palos Sailing School
1st TOSCA FIRST Sunday Head of the Palos Sailing School
2nd COYANZA by Miguel Carvajal from the Punta Umbría Nautical Sports Club
3rd TRITON by José María Fernández de Córdoba from Club Deportivo Ademar Andalucía

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