Filters against covid for laryngectomized and tracheostomized women

The government team Huelva City Hall will defend in the ordinary plenary session this month, convened for this Wednesday, the adoption of protection measures against the coronavirus for people laryngectomized and tracheostomized, which require that the filters be subsidized.

As announced by the Councilor for Citizen Participation and Sport and head of the municipal Health area, María Teresa Flores, “from the Socialist Municipal Group, offering our sensitivity and complicity to a group that in two years has not received a response from the Andalusian Government upon their fair demand, we are going to present a motion to highlight the need to establish a specific protocol for this vulnerable population.”

The importance of filters

In the words of Flores, “it is necessary to guarantee, as far as possible, the protection of these people from the contagion effects of Covid-19, at a time of the pandemic when the mask is no longer mandatory, but these groups they continue to be risk groups, especially exposed for having their respiratory system and defenses altered.”

As the mayor explained, the filters that the Junta de Andalucía currently subsidizes for this group “are useful to them under normal circumstances, but they do not protect them from Covid, not even from allergies, flu, pollution or weather phenomena such as haze, remaining forced to seclude themselves at home, ending their social life and affecting their mental health. To solve this problem, these people need the so-called PROVOX micron HME filters, whose cost -despite the effort to reduce the price offered by the supplier- is unaffordable for these people, mostly pensioners”.

In this sense, the councilor has advanced, “echoing the claim of the Association of Laryngectomized People, in this Plenary we urge the Ministry of Health to subsidize these filters in the same amounts that the current ones subsidize to make them economically accessible to these people and do not see themselves in a situation of special risk. To do this, we previously demanded that the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products of the Ministry of Health include these special filters in the new Catalog of Medicines and Health Products that is being prepared.

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