Emergency calls to 112 in Huelva increase by 14%

The Telephone 112 has coordinated during first half of this year in the province of Huelva a total of 23,544 emergenciesalmost 14 percent more than the incidents that were managed during the same period of the year 2021 and that amounted to 20,667, according to Emergencies 112 Andalusia, a service attached to the Ministry of the Presidency, Public Administration and Interior of the Board.

An upward trend that continues year after year and that highlights the consolidation of the Single Emergency Telephone Number as a reference number for citizens in case of emergency situations, as well as the high degree of knowledge and implementation among the population that it demonstrates the confidence they have in this service. In fact, in the last satisfaction survey carried out among 3,000 people, citizens gave an outstanding to the overall management of this service.

Main causes of calls to 112

The main reasons for calls from Huelva to 112 during the first six months of the year were health care, with 11,367 emergencies, which represents 48.2 percent of the total calls managed. They are followed by incidents related to Citizen Security issues with 3,839, which represent 16.3 percent of the total. Following are the notices for traffic incidents, with 1,876 (7.9 percent); fires, with 1,550 (6.5 percent), issues related to animals, with 1,373 (5.8 percent) and traffic accidents, with 1,183 (5 percent). Citizens also dialed 112 to request help for anomalies in basic services, rescues and rescues, among other assistance.

By provinces, Huelva ranks seventh in number of incidents managed in the first semester in Andalusia, which amounted to 382,167 in the region. Seville and Malaga are, once again, those that have concentrated the largest number of ads, with a total of 104,193 and

79,583 notices answered, respectively. Behind are Granada (47,529) and Cádiz (46,779). With a lower management volume are Almería (28,696), Córdoba (28,610), and Jaén (23,233).

Activity in the 112 Emergency system traditionally increases during vacation periods, festive periods and special operations, when the number of trips increases. Thus, in the first half of the year, the month with the most activity in the service was June, with a total of 5,002 notices managed, followed by May, with 4,266. Behind are January, with 3,900, April, with 3,804 and March with 3,355. The quietest month in the first half of the year was February, with a total of 3,217 incidents handled.

Single Emergency Telephone for all of Europe

Emergencies 112 Andalucía is a free, multilingual public service that can be used in the event of any type of emergency. With a single call to this free and easy-to-remember telephone number, valid throughout the European territory, citizens can access the necessary help in any urgent and emergency situation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It is a multilingual customer service that offers assistance to users in English, French, German and Arabic, as well as in Spanish. In this way, it guarantees coverage of all emergency situations that occur in Andalusia regardless of the origin or language of the people who request assistance, meeting the demands of citizens in health matters, firefighting and rescue, citizen security and civil protection.

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