Electronic music show in Lepe

The Patronal Festivities of the Beautiful and San Roque 2022 They present a wide variety of leisure activities and concerts in the framework of the Municipal Booth. One of the newest proposals is the electronic music big show ‘Renaissance’ by three young artists, the musicians Álvaro de Rossi and Mahen and the singer Natt Ruiz. The concert will take place on Saturday, August 13, starting at 00:30 am and will have free admission.

‘Renaissance’ was born from the initiative of these young musicians and from the Lepe City Council’s commitment to local talent and which comes to expand the cultural and leisure alternatives for the Patron Saint Festivities, which resume their celebration after the break due to the pandemic.

It is an electronic music concert, with a progressive house cut, with influences from many other musical styles such as funk, jazz and rock; as well as the personal stamp of the artists.

Álvaro de Rossi and Mahen started making music two years ago and have had the opportunity to release their own songs endorsed by record labels both nationally and internationally. They also have the support of great electronic music figures such as Dada Life, Morten or Angemi and have had the opportunity to play in Madrid and other European capitals such as Amsterdam. Vocalist Natt Ruiz trained at the Esad in Malaga and has participated in numerous concerts and musicals.

‘Renaissance’ is presented as a show “to be reborn after the pandemic with the joy of music”, aimed at audiences of all ages who will undoubtedly enjoy a spectacular electronic music concert with great visual effects.

Lepe hosts the electronic music show 'Renaissance'

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