El Choro premieres #SiDiosKiere this Friday in Huelva

Antonio Molina ‘El Choro’ makes a brilliant return to Huelva presenting his new show #SiDiosKiere after its absolute premiere last March at the Festival de Jerez. Now, in the Great Theater of Huelvaand within the VII Flamenco Festival ‘Ciudad de Huelva’, this appointment will take place on Friday, June 24, at 9:00 p.m. Tickets are available at columbian space website.

Combine with elegance, pulse and feeling, the traditional and the contemporary it is something that only the most capable and capable flamenco artists can do without coming out unscathed in the attempt. Antonio Molina ‘El Choro’ It is one of them. #SiDiosKiere represents the drops of light in moments of darkness, without fear of showing the way in which we interrelate with art from within. For that reason, It is committed to a solid discourse that brings freshness and renewal without losing the essential identity of Flemish culture: joy.

The show is a reflection on the weight and pace of flamenco in the life of the Huelva performer. A detailed study in which the closest and most familiar memories and nostalgia merge with the way of understanding art in the 21st centurythan the name itself, #SiDiosKiere, he remarks. An opening of the soul Antonio Molina “El Choro” in which improvisation, the racial, the energetic and the kind come together in a brave dichotomy between heritage and future in search of the most sublime timelessness.

The artist and his producer Gestora de Nuevos Proyectos bring this premiere to Huelva for all flamenco lovers who seek to vibrate and be moved, also counting on the direction of Juan Dolores Caballero ‘El Chino’, master of extensive experience for a set design in which the play of light and shadow is a fundamental element in the story that tells uswell #SiDiosKiere it is the encounter between rhythm, dance, voice and percussion in a liturgy that embraces joy and avoids the dark.

Antonio Molina ‘El Choro’

Antonio Molina ‘El Choro’ was born in Huelva in 1985 learning the basics of flamenco through his father, also known as “El Choro”. A student of Manolo Marín and Javier Cruz, in 1999 he won the II Youth Flamenco Dance Contest of Huelva summoned by the Cristina Heeren Foundation. After settling in Seville to study at that school, he continued his academic training with teachers such as Javier Latorre, Javier Barón, Israel Galván and Rafael Campallo, among others.

After participating in numerous flamenco shows (‘Galvánicas’, ‘Don Juan Flamenco’, ‘Eva’, ‘Juncal’ either ‘Kahlo, Kalo’), in the years 2006/07 he formed his first company and collaborate with Eleanor Leal in ‘Leoleolé’ (2008), ‘Triana Bridge’ beside Rafael Campallo (2009), ‘Vaivenes’ special collaboration with the pianist Pedro Ricardo Miño (2010), guest artist at the show Juana Amaya, ‘Moron Dances’ (2014).

2016 marks a turning point in his career premiere his first show as head of a company at the Festival de Jerez: ‘AVISO: BAYLES DE JITANOS’under the direction of Rafael Estevezworth it the Revelation Award at the Festival de Jerez. His international career takes off representing this show in Tel Aviv (Israel), at the Días de Flamenco Festival, in Albuquerque (United States), at the Suma Flamenca Festival in Madrid, at the Gran Teatro de Huelva, and at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla.

He would later show his art in places like the Flamenco Festival of Monterrey (Mexico), Mont de Marsan Festival, Pau Casal Festival of Puerto Rico and at the Miami Flamenco Festival. Cities like Philadelphia, New York, Jerusalem, Paris, Lyon, Los Angeles and London have also succumbed to the dancer.

In 2018, he presents his new show ‘GELEM’premiered at Villamarta Theater in the Sherry Festivaland what went through the Great Theater of Huelva and in the Suma Flamenca Festival in Madrid, at the Canal Theaters. In April 2019, she presents ‘MY DANCE’in the cycle The Cajasol Foundation’s Flamenco Thursdays in Sevillealso participates as a guest artist in the show ‘Intimate’ by Miguel Poveda with whom he continues to collaborate.

He is currently back on stage with #SiDiosKiere under the direction of Juan Dolores Caballero “The Chinese” in a world premiere that took place just a few months ago at the Jerez Festival of 2022, and that according to critics and the public has marked a new milestone in the career of “El Choro”.

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