“Discomfort, insecurity and fear” among prison officers in Huelva

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From the labor union acaip we announce that we will not participate in the acts on the occasion of the day of Our Lady of Mercypatron saint of penitentiary institutions, due to discomfort, insecurity, even fear of carrying out our daily work in the Ribera penitentiary.

In these last two months, there has been a serious incident every two days (fights between inmates, assaults on workers), leaving a weekly assault statistic on a public employee, requiring a third urgent hospital care.

The response of the center’s management has been not to solve or increase the problems that are causing these incidents.

The inner classification of the center has been destroyed. Fundamental mechanism to maintain the security of public employees and inmates. The reason has been the implantation of experimental modules, without means or personnel, for the simple fact of taking the photo and personal promotion of all the authorities that have participated in them. Giving as a result that there are currently residential modules with inmates with a very conflictive profile with 115 inmates and in experimental modules with 30.

This is aggravated by a pressing lack of personnel, around 50 vacancies, being alarming and in the health field. Not to mention that the relationship of jobs (number of officials necessary for optimal operation of the center) is significantly lower than similar prisons in our environment. As an example, the last promotion of almost a thousand new prison officers, only three have been assigned to Ribera.

As if the data we present were not enough, there has been an exponential increase in the prison population. With inmates with a very conflictive profile, due to the transfer from other centers due to the works that are being carried out in them. Something, by the way, that has not happened in our center when works have been carried out in the last two years.

In addition, with the increase in operations against drug trafficking in the province of Huelva, the number of detainees admitted to the prison has increased. Not increasing prison staff or declaring the province of Huelva special in order to provide sufficient personnel for the fight against drug trafficking in the province.

The officials of Penitentiary Institutions have spent years without a salary increase in accordance with the important social function that we carry out. We have been a group that has given the callus in situations as complicated as we have experienced in the past pandemic.

And on the part of the leaders of Penitentiary Institutions we have only found distrust, persecution, sometimes, contempt and worsening our working conditions. Having more and more certainty that the leaders of the Ministry of the Interior want to drop the prison public service, the consequences of which could be very serious.

For this reason, the delegates of acaip of the Staff Board will gather at the gates of the Casa Colón in our capital, where an institutional act will be held on the occasion of the acts related to the day of Our Lady of Mercy, patron saint of penitentiary institutions.

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