David de Miranda opens the Puerta Grande in Huelva

Bullfighter David Miranda He has been the last winner of the Colombinas 2022 by cutting two ears to the third bull of the afternoon, which earned him to be the last bullfighter to cross the Big door in this fair full of triumphs. His co-stars on this big day in Huelva, Miguel A. Perera and Alejandro Talavante, left empty-handed on an afternoon in which the cattle from El Parralejo did not accompany them.


Bulls from El Parralejo were fought, well presented. The third stood out.

Miguel Ángel Perera, applause after request and announcement and applause after announcement.
Alejandro Talavante, silence after warning and silence after two warnings.
David de Miranda, two ears after warning and silence.

Curro Javier and Javier Ambel waved flags.


Miguel Ángel Perera was tempered as the starting layer and shone in the remove by chicuelinas to the first bull. The task began with a tremendous scare due to the laundry of the Parralejo bull, which was followed by a disarming when he tried to put it on the crutch based on temper. That was the key to the job. Thanks to the fact that the bull did not touch the muleta, Perera was able to build an estimable task for an animal that had its complication. The best came at the end of the task when he fought the natural caressing the onslaught. He concluded with arrimón and could have won a prize, but he killed with a puncture, lunge and pithing. Ovation after request and notice.

The second of his batch, soapmaker, tamed in the first thirds. Perera made a showy take off and bet heavily at the beginning of the task with passes exchanged from behind. He was above this bull in a long, dedicated and technical job, with an animal that was less.

Alejandro Talavante could not shine with the starting cape and he did in the remove by chicuelinas. He saw the bull’s left piton and out there he put in a couple of tempered lefty sets that had composure. He switched to the right but the bull lost his hands marring the attempt. From there the task was less. He killed with a jab and a thrust. Silence after warning.

Talavante tempered the second of his lot at the beginning of the slaughter, without squeezing a bull that had nobility although he tended not to humiliate. The man from Extremadura fought him tempered and bound by the two pythons, building a clean and toned task that he did not finish off well with the sword. He heard two warnings.

David de Miranda was varied in the reception to the third. The bull knocked down in the first punch and Miranda made an excellent take off by gaoneras, tight and static. The task began by quoting from the media with the crutch on his back and linked a good series of naturals. Three linked and tempered series followed with the right to which the bull from El Parralejo responded well and which gave substance to the task. He also shone naturally until the bull faded away. David de Miranda vindicated himself in a serious and important task that he finished off with a great lunge. Two ears.

Miranda greeted the sixth with pretty aprons fastened with stockings. The bull, of great size, swallowed a couple of muletazos but stopped immediately, cutting the series and limiting the brilliance of the bullfighter of the land. Miranda tried everything but could not get the task to take flight due to the lack of collaboration of the Parralejo bull. He ended up looking for closeness but was not fine with the sword and was silenced.

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