CSIF requires the Board to consolidate Covid reinforcement teachers

The education sector of labor union CSIF has demanded from the Junta de Andalucía “that the teaching staff do not have to be negotiated every year, but that are consolidated Covid reinforcements having shown that they are essential for the public education system, and even fall short of offering the educational quality that students deserve”. This has been stated from the trade union center as one of the fundamental conclusions of the balance What does the union do now that the end of the school year 2021-2022.

As CSIF argues, “the pandemic has highlighted the deficit that the staff that the public education system had prior to the pandemic, so the reinforcements of teaching staff made due to Covid-19 for the course that is now ending, that have reached 5,000 troops throughout the community, must be maintained in a structural way, being consolidated in the system and without having to spend every school year negotiating the templates, as has happened in recent years.

The union explains that “these resources should serve to reduce the ratios of students per teacher and for better attention to diversity for students with specific educational support needs”, an area in which the union has repeatedly denounced the lack of professionals specialists in Hearing and Language and Therapeutic Pedagogy, as well as the scarcity of Educational Guidance resources.

Likewise, CSIF insists that “the drop in the birth rate is a circumstance that the educational Administration must take advantage of to lower the ratio in the classrooms and not to eliminate public school units, as is happening.”

On the other hand, the union has celebrated the progress that is going to take place from September with the agreement for the equalization of salaries for Andalusian teachers “which will place them in a fairer position in terms of remuneration, moving away from the van of queue in which they were located with respect to the rest of the autonomous communities”. Specifically, said agreement includes an increase of 145 euros in the case of the teaching bodies of group A2 and 165 euros for the bodies of group A1, of which a first percentage will begin to be charged in September.

“However, the improvements achieved are not an end point, but a starting point to continue advancing in improving the salary of teachers, introducing a salary review clause and taking into account the current escalation of prices with the consequent increase in the cost of living” , according to the Education sector of the union central. In this sense, he stressed that “it is common for this group not to have the privilege of carrying out their professional work in their place of residence, which is greatly affected economically by the rise in fuel prices.”

Restitution of the cuts to teachers in the extra payments of 2013 and 2014

Similarly, CSIF considers that “in the face of brutal inflation, the rise in the electricity bill and the shopping basket, it is time for them to be restored, as public employees, the salary cuts made in the extra payments of 2013 and 2014, since the Andalusian Executive took away from these professionals the corresponding remuneration supplements in the perception of the same”.

On the other hand, for the trade union center “the excess of bureaucracy that teachers endure continues to be a “pending subject and does not imply an improvement in educational care, as stated by more than 79% of teachers” insisting on the fact that “ debureaucratize the task of teachers and arbitrate measures that simplify this scourge.

As a positive milestone of this past school year, CSIF cites the Law of Recognition of the Public Authority of Andalusian Teachers, which “has been an important step to reinforce the social value of teachers, although more measures must be implemented to reinforce and dignify the Teaching work”.

Finally, the union wanted to congratulate teachers again “for their exemplary role during this school year, still marked by the pandemic and anti-Covid measures.” “Thanks to the effort and dedication of the teachers and management teams, this school year has once again developed in the best possible way”, he concluded.

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