CSIF regrets the “none” to prison officials

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One more year the celebrations on the occasion of the La Merced daypatron saint of prison officerswill not have the participation of the labor union CSIF. The situation of the workforce has worsened in the last decade and, as a measure of protest against the lack of negotiation and the paralysis of improvements in working conditions, the trade union center rejects the commemorative events and invites the staff not to participate in them celebrations since “there is nothing to celebrate”.

CSIF regrets how “the policy of ignoring the group of prison officials with no recognition of their work and with a continuous discredit that has been undermining the staff for years” continues. For years, this union has been demanding recognition of these personnel as agents of authority, which could reduce the number of assaultswhich are becoming more frequent.

One of the reasons, according to the union, is the “passivity” of those responsible for the Institution in the face of insults, slander or threats of which workers are victims. To this, in addition, is added the lack of development of the Specific Protocol for Action Against Aggressions in penitentiary centers.

As an underlying problem, the lack of personnel continues with a progressive aging of the workforce with a “totally insufficient” Public Employment Offer. In fact, CSIF has spent years denouncing in the province the lack of personnel both in La Ribera and in the Center for Social Integration (CIS).

The situation is not better in relation to staffing and resources, since something as basic as uniformity is managed “badly” and is kept, in many cases, in “unworthy” conditions. In addition, the lack of legal instruments and means make it less effective for prison staff to maintain security and order.

In another line of demands, CSIF recalls the obstruction and unjustified delay of the Penitentiary Public Function Law to have a norm that regulates the bodies in which the penitentiary staff is integrated since, currently, the organization of the templates is collected in a range of scattered norms, some of them pre-constitutional. The union organization regrets how “far from focusing efforts on improving the workforce and resources, the greatest interest has been the rapprochement of ETA prisoners as a central axis.”

energy saving

In another order of things, the Administration has not taken into consideration any of the energy saving measures proposed by the union. On the contrary, it has designed a system that “does not benefit anyone” and makes it impossible to accumulate schedules so that travel is not reduced at a time when, from all social classes, an effort to save energy and fuel is requested. In addition, considering the distance of the penitentiary centers from the important population centers, perhaps it is the penitentiary area where it is most necessary and, on the other hand, it is the one in which the most obstacles are being placed.

In fact -says the union- “not even tools have been enabled so that administrative tasks can be carried out through the teleworking system, as has been done in other areas of the general administration, even in the central services of the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions”.

For all these reasons, CSIF takes advantage of this commemoration to denounce “the disastrous management” in terms of personnel of the Penitentiary Administration. In addition, he considers that this day “only serves to whitewash its leaders, thus excluding the workers, who are the ones who support the prison system. To them and to them, to the staff of La Ribera and CIS David Beltrán, who with their work, professionalism and commitment are the only ones to be congratulated on the occasion of this event”.

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