CSIF denounces the delay accumulated by the SAS Single Stock Exchange

The health sector of the union CSIF has denounced that the SAS will have to carry out the summer contracts with unupdated lists, with the damage that this causes for the applicants, due to the “inadmissible” delay that accumulates in the Unique Bag.

This has been revealed by the trade union center that has addressed a letter to the General Directorate of Personnel of the SAS with the aim of “updating the Single Stock Exchange, to avoid further damaging the credibility of the institution itself”, since that it considers that the accumulated delays in updating the listings are not acceptable.

“In the month of March we already warned about this situation and we are still the same”, according to CSIF, which criticizes the “inaction of the Health Administration, which will result in the hiring of professionals for the summer being made with old lists, in which that the merits that the applicants have had for years in many cases are not collected, ”according to the union leader.

In this sense, the union places special emphasis on the situation of the categories of Specialist Technician in Maintenance of Buildings and Industrial Facilities (TMEII), Specialist Technician in Pathological Anatomy, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Oncology FEA, in which personnel with listings are being hired. final data from more than three years ago, that is, from the 2018 cutoff.

Likewise, as of the October 2020 cut-off, in addition to the previous ones, the lists of FEAs for Orthopedics and Traumatology, Endocrinology and Nutrition, Nephrology, Medical Oncology and Radiodiagnosis and Dietetics and Nutrition Specialist Technicians continue to not be updated.

CSIF criticizes delay and cut of October 2021

Likewise, regarding the cutoff established in October 2021, CSIF recalls that the current agreement on temporary personnel selection systems signed between the Health Administration and the union organizations expressly states that the list of admitted applicants will be published during the two months following the end date of the corresponding valuation period, which in this case ended on December 31, 2021.

“We are in May and we still do not know the date of publication of said list or the documentation contribution periods that all applicants will have, so it is practically impossible for us to have definitive updated lists with which to contract for the holiday period”, It has been underlined from the trade union center that urges the SAS “that the aforementioned lists be published urgently and finally normalize a situation that is unsustainable.”

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