Cs appreciates that minor offenders serve sentences in their municipalities

The coordinator of citizens in Huelva, María Ángeles Muriel, appreciates that the department of Juan Marín has signed 19 new agreements and renewed another three with town halls from Huelva “so that minor offenders do not have to leave their families”, so that they serve sentences in their respective municipalities.

“Ciudadanos is concerned with giving minor offenders a new opportunity doing work for the community through their town halls.” With these words, Muriel has valued the signing by the orange Ministry of Justice of 19 new agreements with municipalities throughout this legislature and the extension of another three (Aljaraque, Almonte and Isla Cristina) “so that these minors can comply judicial measures, in an open regime, in their own municipality, without having to leave their families”.

Muriel, who has detailed that “these measures range from provision for the benefit of the community or the performance of socio-educational tasks to assistance for carrying out remedial activities in favor of society that are the consequence of a process of conciliation and mediation”, has highlighted that these agreements, which have been signed by the ministry led by Juan Marín, vice president of the Board and coordinator of Cs in Andalusia, “include monitoring of the weekend stay at the family home by the Local Police or, failing that, by other official personnel who perform these functions”.

The Liberal Party spokeswoman stressed that, “in addition, this collaboration of the Ministry with the municipalities allows intervention in the family environment of minors, so that the measures imposed on offenders are usually more effective and we contribute to the prevention of behaviors of risk in the municipalities themselves. “It is about looking for the root of the conflict and working so that the minor can straighten out her life,” Muriel added.

Minor offenders

The coordinator of Cs has explained that “Justice also intervenes in this line in collaboration with specialized centers in which minors can comply with the measures that the judge has imposed on them, but in an open environment, which does not imply their internment.”

“Thanks to these resources, last year more than 200 measures could be carried out in Huelva”, he added after explaining that, “in these centers, minors are also helped to overcome their own personal difficulties, which in some way have affected the commission of criminal behavior, through the creation of a structured environment with training programs and workshops, which seek to compensate for their educational, labor and social deficiencies, as well as enable their social insertion.

“This is worrying and taking care of our children and young people, giving them a new opportunity and improving their employability while complying with society after committing an infraction”, said Muriel, who has defended that “this is the way to manage Citizens, thinking of everyone and comprehensive care of people”.

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