Cortegana finalizes the preparations for the 25th anniversary of his Medievales

The Municipality of Cortegana is finalizing the preparations for the celebration of the 25 Medieval Days to be held in the mountain town from August 11 to 14. This is a very special edition of this event in which its first 25 years of history will be commemorated.

As explained by the mayor, María del Carmen Fernández, during the presentation of the conference in Huelva, this year they will be held under the theme ‘The power of time’. “We want to highlight two main aspects with this theme, on the one hand, our tribute to the 25 years of the Conference, to the evolution of the event over this time and to all the people who have participated during this time, and, on the other On the other hand, we want to highlight the success that Cortegana had in choosing the recreation of its past, many centuries ago, to revitalize its heritage”, highlighted the mayor.

For her part, the provincial deputy, Silvia Durán, has highlighted the importance of this event, being a benchmark in the summer in the province in which the recreational, cultural and heritage component are combined.

The Medieval Days are considered one of the first to be held in Andalusia, becoming an example of successful management of the rich heritage. In this case, the origin of the event was the town’s medieval castle, whose surroundings became the epicenter of this celebration.

After the two-year hiatus forced by the pandemic, the Conference is back with a bang and with an extensive program of activities that will take place in different areas of the municipality, inviting the visitor to take a real trip back in time by walking through its streets set for the chance.

The deputy mayor, Carlos Jesús Muñiz, has outlined the program, emphasizing “the wide variety of proposals for the whole family and all audiences”. Muñiz has highlighted the important animation that there is in any corner of Cortegana those 4 days, “in each corner a character can surprise us”. “We have the longest market in the entire country and more than 100 activities” pointed out Carlos Jesús, who has also advanced the celebration of the “Sierra Celta Festival from Friday with groups of national and international stature such as the case of Milladoiro who visits us Saturday night”.

To all this, the gastronomic component is added as another of the attractions of the Conference, offering the opportunity to taste the best products of a land with as much gastronomic value as the province of Huelva. In addition, the rich environmental value of the area is added, in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park, which can be seen in all its splendor from the surroundings of the Castle itself.

The mayor has also highlighted the collaboration of the neighbors in these 25 years, not only in local theater production, but also helping to turn “a 21st century town into an authentic Medieval Village”. Regarding this edition, the first mayor has valued the cultural commitment that Cortegana proposes to our entire community, “with first-rate productions that will make us enjoy music, theater, animation, exhibitions, but, above all, they will make us feel emotions that will remain eternally in our memory”.

Finally, he has made an invitation to the entire province to “come to our Medieval Days, to feel the power of time and make this trip with us because we are waiting for you with open arms.”

Cortegana finalizes the preparations for the 25th anniversary of his Medievales

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