Conference at the UHU on the shadow economy, on Europe Day

The University of Huelva has celebrated Europe Day with a conference on the underground economy, entitled ‘A return to informality: a European reference’, which has been given by the Professor of Economics at the Autonomous University of Madrid Santos Ruesga Benito, considered one of the greatest experts in Spain on labor market and pension issues.

The conference, in which informal employment and the submerged economy in Europe have been addressed, has been aimed at undergraduate students from the Faculty of Business and Tourism, who have thus been able to understand the problem of informality in the work, as well as its causes and consequences both for the country’s society and economy and for the people who suffer from it.

The activity has been part of the program of actions carried out by the Jean Monnet SUSTEU module ‘Building sustainable and inclusive development from the periphery of Europe: The role of the European Union’, a European project financed by the Erasmus Program that is started in 2020 with the aim of improving the knowledge of Europe among the students of the University of Huelva.

The module, which has a duration of three years, includes not only dissemination events such as the one launched to celebrate Europe Day, but also various teaching and research activities.

The coordinator of the module and professor at the UHU, María Teresa Aceytuno, highlights that the Jean Monnet actions constitute a very relevant element within the Erasmus Program of the European Commission. “Thanks to the funding received for this program, specialized teaching on the European Union can be provided to students who, otherwise, could not receive this training, since it is not present with the same depth in their study plans”, has underlined.

Likewise, Aceytuno has specified that, “in our case, teaching is aimed at undergraduate, master’s and UHU Experience Classroom students, who will be able to better understand what the European Union is and how its institutions and policies work, as well as the key role played by the EU in building sustainable and inclusive development, especially in peripheral and cross-border territories such as Huelva”, he added.

More economics classes

Other actions that have been carried out within the framework of the module have consisted of teaching classes to students of the degrees in Business Administration (ADE) and Finance and Accounting (FICO), Interuniversity Master’s Degree in Employment, Master’s Degree in Economics and Development Territory and Classroom of Experience.

In addition, from the project website ( you can download the free book ‘Sustainable and inclusive development in the EU’, which summarizes the basic aspects of the European Union with an informative approach.

All these activities have been carried out, in addition to the module coordinator, by the professor of Economics Manuela de Paz Báñez and the professors María José Asensio Coto and Celia Sánchez López, allowing the participating students to learn about the origin of the European Union, as well as its history and its main institutions.

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