Concerts by Paco Candela and Fondo Flamenco in Isla Cristina

The coastal town of Christina Island continues to offer residents and foreigners a complete program of activities for all tastes and ages. On this occasion, music and entertainment will take center stage this coming weekend with the Paco Candela concerts (Friday, August 5) with his 2022 tour, Paseo por lo Eterno, the monologue show “It’s over” by Manu Sánchez, for Saturday 6 and the concert of flamingo background “The Last Date”, which will be held at the local Fairgrounds.Paco Candela, Manu Sánchez and Fondo Flamenco, this weekend in Isla Cristina

The three appointments have been presented after noon by the island’s mayor, Jenaro Orta, the coordinator of the Celebration Area and first deputy mayor, Francisco Zamudio and the councilor of the branch, María del Carmen Beltrán, who were accompanied by the promoters of the shows, Sergio Mejorada from Music Standard 360 and Fernando Hernández from Hemar Productions.

María del Carmen Beltrán stressed that “with these three long-awaited shows we begin this August and start a very extensive summer program in which live music takes on a special role in the town this year”, thanking the promoters “for their commitment always around our town bringing important musical events”, giving them “the support of the City Council for initiatives of this magnitude that contribute so much to Isla Cristina”.

The promoters thanked “the predisposition and welcome of the City Council” and highlighted “the quality of the facilities, ideal for our shows and in which, specifically, this weekend, we wanted to accommodate a wide audience with these three appointments » reporting that tickets are already on sale on the portal and starting this Thursday, August 4, at the venue itself, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The first deputy mayor, for his part, highlighted “the municipal support for all these events that we have been promoting throughout the summer”, highlighting that “Isla Cristina itself is a product since it is an important tourist destination, for everything it offers, but nevertheless we always have to bet on complementary activities as a vehicle to set the destination, making a significant effort to bring events of a diverse nature and of great importance, including music and live shows».

The appearance was closed by the mayor, Jenaro Orta, pointing out that «after the pandemic and the previous two very complicated summers, from the City Council we were clear that we had to bet on a broad and strong program with complementary activities and that it would offer all audiences in this long-awaited summer and this has been possible thanks to the municipal budget and the commitment and involvement of a strong business community that sees Isla Cristina as a destination in which to invest and bet”.

To conclude, Orta was convinced “of the success of the concerts this coming weekend” also inviting all citizens to participate and enjoy attending the shows” thanking all the delegations involved for their involvement and effort, as well as the Local Police and Civil Protection, as well as the Civil Guard “so that everyone, islanders and visitors, enjoy a well-deserved rest and extensive summer programming.”

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