Commitment of IU with the demands of the fishing sector

United Left (IU) has shown, this Monday, its commitment to defend the demands of the fishing sector, during the meeting that those responsible for the coalition have held with the president of the Federation of Andalusian fishing brotherhoods and the patron saint of Punta Umbría .

The provincial coordinator of the United Left in Huelva, Marcos Toti, the provincial head of the Organization of UISilvia Zambrano, together with the IU spokesperson at the Punta Umbría Town Hall, Juan Carlos Asencio and more members of the local IU Assembly in this town, have held a meeting with the president of the Andalusian Federation of Fishermen’s Guilds and patron Major of the Brotherhood of Punta Umbría, Manuel Fernández Belmonte, in the facilities of the Lonja of the Punta Umbría port, where this group has its headquarters and the unloading and commercialization operations of the local fishing sector are carried out.

This meeting has served so that the IU representatives have been updated on the current demands and needs of the fishing sector, but also to make a joint evaluation of how the different administrations are fulfilling «their promises» for the sector, ” essential for the economy” of this town and for the other towns on the Huelva coast.

There have been several coincidences between IU and the representative of the fishing sector from Punta Umbria, among them, “the one to advance in the path of the socio-economic and biological balance of the sector, so necessary for its sustainability, and also in the need to modernize fleets to progressively abandon dependence on fossil fuels”.

In addition, Manuel Fernández has raised his demand to the IU representatives so that the administration “is more agile and efficient so that the aid destined for the fishing sector does not arrive later than expected.”

commitment demands fishing sectorIU takes note of the demands of the fishing sector

Marcos Toti has taken note of all the demands of the fishing sector and has promised to transfer them to the parliamentary group of United We Can in the Congress of Deputies so that they are fulfilled, especially the one referring to the need to “accelerate” the arrival of aid to mitigate the rise in fuel prices (currently they have access to the 0.20 reduction like the rest of the citizenry) and that of “expediting bureaucratic procedures” that correspond to the Agricultural and Fisheries Management Agency of Andalusia.

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