‘Cocktail of poems’ with Lola Guevara in Punta Umbría

The Patio las Letras of the Cultural Center of Umbria Point will host this Tuesday, August 2, the presentation of ‘Cocktail of poems’ from the sanjuanera Lola Guevara. The act will begin at 8:00 p.m., with the intervention of Augusto Thassio.

About Lola Guevara

Child teacher, Lola Guevara (1954, San Juan del Puerto), has dedicated her whole life to teaching. She has been passionate about reading since she was very young, with her early retirement she discovered her passion for the written word: poetry, articles and stories.

It is part of the platform poets for peace. She has published poems in several anthologies: Poetas de Huelva por la Paz, 2016, Huelva es verso, 2017. A defender of women’s rights, she collaborates with her poems in the anthology ‘Cries of Women’ for two consecutive years, in Moguer, Huelva 2017 and in Castro Marín, Portugal 2018.

Other publications are ‘Anthology in poetic encounters’, Teatro Romano de Itálica 2016, ‘Tribute to Gloria Fuertes’ 2017, on the centenary of her birth, and more publications in the local magazine of San Juan del Puerto.

In 2018 he published the work ‘El Intruso’, in which he recounted his own experience with cancer.

After Lola Guevara, on Thursday the 4th the literary cycle of the Patio de las Letras will continue with José Manuel García Durán and his work ‘Entre sarmientos’at 8:00 p.m.

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