Cepsa starts a pioneering project in Huelva for making 3D models

The La Rábida Energy Park Cepsa becomes the first plant in Spain to use LIDAR technology for the making virtual models by lifting 3D pointsthrough an unmanned autonomous vehicle, drone, (UAVs). This first pilot has consisted of taking images in the South Dock area to generate what is known as a “point cloud”, which will lead to a photorealistic model of the facility.

With the introduction of 3D laser scanning, measurement and documentation in industrial plants is improved and simplified. It is a complementary technology to surveys carried out with high resolution portable scanners and facilitates the mapping of difficult access areas, tank zones, quick scans for first designs, topographic surveys.

LIDAR technology is the English acronym for detection by light and distance. It is a laser system that allows measuring the distance between the point of emission of that laser to an object or surface. The time it takes for that laser to reach and return from its target is the basic measurement that enables all development. The result is millions of points positioned three-dimensionally in space forming a “cloud” that transforms a physical entity (pipeline, equipment, terrain, etc.) to the nearest centimeter and represents its external surface.

For Jorge Acitores, director of the La Rábida energy park, “this pioneering industrial trial derives from Cepsa’s interest in exploring the possibilities offered by the most innovative technologies of the moment to improve the efficiency of our optimization work”.

Marga Postigo, the Cepsa engineer in charge of coordinating the test, comments that “this system is going to greatly facilitate our work in the Projects department, due to the speed with which we will be able to have 3D models to work on new designs and modifications. In addition, this first test, coordinated with the Ministry of the Interior through the Guaria Civil and with the Port of Huelva, has been a challenge.

This test will make it possible to carry out an analysis at a technical, deadline and economic level, and is one of the possible tools for making digital twins, on which the energy company has been working for a long time.

Cepsa starts a pioneering project in Huelva for making 3D models


Cepsa is a leading international company committed to sustainable mobility and energy with solid technical experience after more than 90 years of activity. The company also has a world-leading chemical business with an increasingly sustainable activity.

In 2022, Cepsa presented its new strategic plan for 2030, Positive Motion, which projects its ambition to be a leader in sustainable mobility, biofuels and green hydrogen in Spain and Portugal, and to become a benchmark in the energy transition. The company places customers at the center of its activity and will work with them to help them advance their decarbonisation goals.

ESG criteria inspire everything Cepsa does to move towards its Net Positive goal. In this decade, it will reduce its scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions by 55%, and scope 3 emissions by between 15% and 20%, with the goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

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